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Monday, September 1, 2014

Nalanda University Begins 1st Academic Session on 1 September 2014

Thank you Yahoo New for publishing this wonderful piece of information this morning. I am reblogging it here for for the knowledge of audience. Let's Reach Higher!

Hearty Congratulations to the Team Nalanda for reviving this temple of learning. Hats Off!

Ancient Nalanda University was situated in Patliputra, now called Patna, the state of Capital of Bihar in India. The buzz is that, 1000 applicants submitted applications from around the world. The university commenced it first academic session on 1 September 2014 with 10 male students and 5 female students and 10 faculty members. Gopa Sabbarwal has honor of being First Vice Chancellor. Congrats again. According to yahoo news network, "We are ready to start the academic session of Nalanda University Monday," Vice Chancellor Gopa Sabhrawal told IANS.

I dig inside internet data base to find more about Nalanda University. Here we go:

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