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How to select school?

The parents know best about their child, this includes ability, temperament, talent, special needs and lot other things which makes a child unique in her own way. Choosing the right school is the most crucial decision that parents take for a child and which turns a child's prospects. This article is all about considering on important issues before you take a decision about choosing right school for your child. 1. Know your Child's needs What are your child's academic abilities? What is he or she interested in? What are the things he or she is particularly good at? What are the things he or she struggles with? Do these need to be remedied? Is your child creative? In what way? Does the child show any sporting talent? What personality, strengths and weaknesses does he or she have? What kind of school environment would your child respond to? 2. Know your needs The school environment considerably affects your child, so it is reasonable to expect the values promoted by the

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