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Famous Quotes

Poverty is the parents of revolution and crime.
- Aristotle

He who wishes to secure the good of others has already secured his own.
- Confucius

Sacrifice that causes pain is no sacrifice at all. True sacrifice is joy-giving and uplifting.
- Mahatma Gandhi

Some Inspiring Thoughts From My Teachers

Today, Facebook released emojis i.e. emotions to like or love a post. Everyone is on the race to give it a first coverage. Mark Zuckerberg posted himself on facebook about release of emojis for facebook posts. News doing the rounds. I love technology, but being an individual blogger covering news piece is not my cup of cake.
In between mists of posts I found a post from
You can now react to Facebook posts the way God intended: through animated emojis. (link to site)
I told on Facebook, they are brilliant. Only in 14 words they said all and it left an impact on my mint. 
Often in my case, one thing leads to another, one post leads to another post, this way I've helped companies making millions. While saying "brilliant", thought from back of school days came in my mind when mathematics teacher told to class "Brilliant". I pressed my mind back to the memory lane and think of Quotes from my teachers. So here it is...