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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Cabinet Mission Plan

Main Provisions of the Cabinet Mission Plan:
  • The Cabinet Mission proposed two-tiered federal plan which was expected to maintain national unity while conceding the largest measure of regional autonomy:
  • There was to be a federation of the provinces and the States, with the federal central controlling only defence, foreign affairs and communications.
  • At the same time, individual provinces could form regional unions to which they could surrender by mutual agreement some of their powers.
  • There would be three groups of provinces (i) Group 'A' was to include Madras, Bombay, U.P., Bihar, Central Province and Orissa (ii) Group 'B’ was to comprise Punjab, Sindh, N.W.F.P. and British Baluchistan (Muslim majority in most of the areas) (Hi) Group 'C' was to include Bengal and Assam. These groups would draft their own constitutions in consultation with their respective provinces included in each group.
  • A Constituent Assembly consisting of 389 members-292 from provinces, 4 from territories governed by Chief Commissioners and 93 from Indian Princely States would draft the Constitution of India.
  • An interim government at the Central consisting of representatives of all the communities, provinces would be installed on the basis of parity between the representatives of the Hindus and Muslims.