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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Five Year Plans of India

The economy of India is based in part on planning through its five-year plans, which are developed, executed and monitored by the Planning Commission. Prior to the fourth plan, the allocation of state resources was based on schematic patterns rather than a transparent and objective mechanism, which led to the adoption of the Gadgil formula in 1969. Revised versions of the formula have been used since then to determine the allocation of central assistance for state plans.

List of Five Year Plans of India
  • First Five-Year Plan (1951–1956)
  • Second Five-Year Plan (1956–1961)
  • Third Five-Year Plan (1961–1966)
  • Fourth Five-Year Plan (1969–1974)
  • Fifth Five-Year Plan (1974–1979)
  • Sixth Five-Year Plan (1980–1985)
  • Seventh Five-Year Plan (1985–1990)
  • Eighth Five-Year Plan (1992–1997)
  • Ninth Five-Year Plan (1997–2002)
  • Tenth Five-Year Plan (2002–2007)
  • Eleventh Five-Year Plan (2007–2012)