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Sunday, December 31, 2017


  • The Part IX A of the Constitution of India gives a constitutional foundation to the local self government units in urban area.
  • Most provisions for municipalities are similar to those written in Part IX, i.e. Structure, Reservation of Seats, Functions, Sources of Information etc.
  • Nagar Panchayat is for an area being transformed from a rural area to an urban area.
  • Municipal Council is meant for a smaller urban area.
  • Municipal Corporation is meant for broader urban area. The municipal corporation is the top most local government.
  • Generally direct elections are held to elect members of a municipality.

The legislature of a state can provide for representation in municipalities of –
  • Persons having special knowledge or experience in municipal administration.
  • Members of Lok Sabha, State Assembly, Rajya Sabha and Legislative Council.
  • The Chairpersons of Ward Committees.

Important- If the population is minimum 3lakhs or higher then ward committees are constituted.

The two committees made for building of development plans are-
  • A District Planning Committee at the District Level.
  • A Metropolitan Planning Committee at the Metropolis Level