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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Regulating Act of 1773

The Regulating Act, 1773 said that:

  • The Government of the presidency of Fort William in Bengal should have a Governor General and a Council, which consists of four Councilors with the general democratic rule that the Governor General would consider decision of the majority of the Councilors.
  • Warren Hastings shall be the first Governor General and Lt. General John Clavering, George Monson, Richard Barwell and Philip Francis shall be the first four Councilors.
  • His Majesty shall establish a supreme court of judiciary, which would have a Chief Justice and three subordinate judges at Fort William. The Court`s jurisdiction shall be applied to all British subjects residing in the subdivision of Bengal and to their native servants.
  • The Company shall pay the salaries to the designated persons out of its revenue in the rate of : the Governor General twenty five thousand sterling, Councilors ten thousand sterling each, Chief justice eight thousand sterling and the judges six thousand sterling a year.