Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Teachers Day 2015!

Respected Gurus, Guides and True Guardians of Nations, please do accept a bow from team CareerCare.Info. 

You are the one whose thought haunts us most of the times. The Fear, Anxiety, Hope and Curiosity injected in our small minds since as soon we start growing, some one and half years. 

The aunt, who taught us in nursery and PT Sir whose thought always sent a shiver down in the spine always stay afresh in the memory of everyone, even to those who didn't completed formal schooling but for days or months introduced to a teacher. 

What's most surprising about teachers is, how the buddies turns friends once we complete the class. That's something really really surprising. The hands those were always ready to give a hard slap, the eyes towards those no kid can dare to look straight, how they show innocence outside class, perhaps that is something separates the 'breed' teachers from other species. 

On this occasion of Teachers Day 2015, I remember, the greatest one in my lifetime who made the difference 'Dr. GM Khan', the Lion of Geometry. I challenge, the best mathematician can not win a debate when he is on the go. Dare? 

That's my challenge, my believe. 

I have played in the arms of professional teachers and I have beautiful memories and some canning too. Ouch, that pains, U BAD SIRS :)  SORRY, MA'AMS also not good, when they say, look yourself, do you learn all this :D

While we are celebrating, Teacher's Day across The Indian Republic today on the Occasion of Birth of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (the second President of India, academic philosopher), the team CareerCare.Info wishing you Gurus and Guides the wholesome strength to take us to new heights.

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