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6 ways to learn English and its importance

The most prestigious examination for recruitment in India’s Government Posts and Services, the Civil Services Preliminary Test (CSP Test) did away with English this time. However, you have to pass English test in Civil Services Main Examination. Also English is mandatory across educational settings and industry worldwide. If you are on this website, chances are you understand English.

Understanding is one thing and knowing something whole heartedly is completely different. English is not our fist language. Whether, the government will do away with English in all departments of learning and working or not, despite that we need to learn English. This is for three reasons: 1. to understand scientific literature, 2. for the sake of cultural exchange and 3. to do business seamlessly across borders. Today, world is truly global. We need to understand it, we need to learn English.

For students and job seekers, whether you will be tested or not for English proficiency in examinations, learning matters. Here are five ways to Learn English.

1. Buy a Dictionary: People short of vocabulary hurls slangs. Make your vocabulary stronger. Buy an English Dictionary. In fact get two, one English to English Dictionary and other English to Hindi or some other language that you speak. Read it A to Z.

2. Read English Newspapers: Whatever you like reading, business, politics, food, health, sports or gossip; I would suggest buy two news papers, one in your native language and the other in English. Now suppose you love politics. Read from both places similar news, this way you will adopt to senses.

Exact translation of text written in one language cannot be done in other language; it’s the sense that translates.

When you will read same story in two different languages, better sense of understanding will develop.

3. Learn Pronunciation: All dictionaries generally mention how you need to say a word. Must know how to say a word in English; It’s lucid but at times weird. Some words are said in English a particular way, irrespective of letters. Nobody knows why? Those words are said just like that.
Read, Write, Speak English! 
4. Learn Grammar: I know a great book in English Grammar, Wren and Martin, buy it. Learn rules and regulations of crafting words and sentences.

5. Read to an English Novel: Prefer western authors, preferably British or American. You mean learning. Loads of literature is available in English. Whatever fascinates you, buy a book in that niche. Read it word to word, every sentence and start to finish. Take help from dictionary and grammar book to understand.

At this point Internet will come handy. As print dictionary book may not have some words, all depends how mush large it is. You can check websites like or for word meaning.

6. Hire a coach: No native, hire someone to whom English is First Language. If there is British Library near you, visit them. British Libraries used to offer English learning classes. If not, you can look for online English classes or a person. Also, you can ask for help from someone sitting other side of the world and attend classes via Skype, Google Hangout or some other chat messenger way.

Many tutors offer classes that way. Before hiring, must check and cross check if you are hiring a right person and if he / she have earned some certification in English language teaching.

Make yourself proficient in reading, writing, speaking of English, this well help you in achieving academic success, winning a job interview and working tirelessly across globe.

If this article has errors, please send me suggestion via contact form. English is not my First Language.


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