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List of Professions

Life revolves around good living. Everyone strives to live good. The teaches, academicians, parents and guardians encourages children and youth to learn something good and find a job which can pay them better pay packages. Normally after finishing 3 / 4 college years many search for jobs but found themselves stuck between limited choices often times in the lack of information or a trained professional guide. To address the issue I have compiled here List of Professions. This list is not exclusive. Many more professions can be added. If you know a profession but not listed here please add your listing via comment box below this post or send me a direct email. I promise to add the same and give you due credits for your efforts in this space. Further, I am planning to compile eligibility criteria, educational qualification etc related to each profession listed here which is not a limited task so just in case if someone wish to volunteer is welcome!


ABC Analyser: A person who analyzes any given work or issue in orderly manner based on priorities.

Accent Improver: A person who provides training in language pronunciation, i.e. how to say a word in a given language. Right pronunciation is important to improve on accents.

Accountancy: The accountancy professionals are responsible for financial records of companies; such records hold information of profit, expenditures and loss etc.

Acting: All sorts of performing arts come under this category, for example: dramas, plays, films and TV, skits, etc.

Actuarial Science: This is a study discipline and teaches about insurance risks and premium in correlation with rates of mortality and frequency of acts of nature, calamities, accidents, fires, theft etc.

Administrator: A professional who manages day-to-day activities of a business / organization; public, private or small scale unit etc.

Admiral: This is a position in Navy; The chief commander of the navy.

Advertising: The act of publicizing a product or service is called advertising. A Business involved in such activity is called Advertising Agency. For example, Google Adwords is a sort of Digital Advertising Agency that helps business in publishing ads on websites and blogs.

Advocate: Also termed as Lawyer is a professional who appears in courts fighting for clients engaged in dispute.

Aerobics Instructor: A professional who helps in physical exercise. Also called; Gym Instructor.

Agriculture: The work of growing crops; food grains, vegetables and fruits etc is called Agriculture. India is country largely based on Agriculture and Agricultural produces. A person who studies agriculture in academia is called agriculturist.

Agronomy: The agronomy teaches about how to yield better crops from soil.

Air Traffic Controller: A professional on airport on whose instructions air pilots, take off, fly and land.

Airhostess: Professionals who helps air passengers on board.

Anaesthetist: A professional who administer anaesthesia to patient projected for surgery in operation theatre.

Analyst: An expert in making chemical analysis of substances for industrial or commercial purposes; for example, drugs, fertilizers etc.

Anatomist: The systematic study of the structure of animal and human bodies. A person who studies anatomy is called as anatomist.

Anchorperson: A person who compares and coordinates the the discussion of a group, especially that of participants, in a radio or TV broadcast or a stage show etc.

Announcer: A person who makes announcement in about programmers, speakers, singers, performers and the like, especially on radio, TV or at public functions.

Anthropology: This is study discipline about mankind in the in the context of its origin, development, customs, beliefs, traditions. For example, how was the life of men and women during Indus-Valley Civilization? A person who study Anthropology is  Called Anthropologist.

Aquaculture: The cultivation and propagation of the natural living produce in or of water for commercial and industrial use.

Archaeology: the study of ancient history and civilizations by means scientific analysis of physical ruins found in the ground.

Architecture: The art and science of conceptualizing, designing and constructing buildings. This is a branch of engineering in academia, A person who study architecture is called architect.

Army Officer: Refers to a post of Officer of country’s land army.

Art Instructor: An expert who guides people in the visual form of creation, for example; drawing, painting, photography or sculpture etc.

Art Director:  A professional who works in the print media or advertising agency and takes care about designing of all forms of art and printed material.

Artist: A person who practices any or many form of fine arts, for example; painting, acting, designing, sculpting, or even acting etc. Fine arts courses are taught in colleges and universities to award various certificates, diplomas and degrees.

Astronomy: The study of solar system and beyond likes the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets and Heavenly bodies etc. This is branch of science in general and branch of physics in particular. A person who studies Astronomy is called Astronomer.

Astrophysics: The study of physical structure and chemical properties of heavenly bodies found in universe and there functions. A person who acquires knowledge in Astrophysics is called Astrophysicist.

Athlete: A person who takes part in Sports and Games; for example Olympic Games.

Athletic Coach: A person who trains Athletes.

Auctioneer: A person who conducts auctions, by calling buyers and sells goods in public at the auction.

Author: A person who writes books, stories and plays etc.

Aviation: The art and science of practice of flying aircrafts. Aviation is huge industry in itself worldwide.

Avionics: Application of electronics is aviation is called Avionics. As a study discipline Avionics taught as degree engineering program through engineer colleges. Specializations are also offered at higher level.


Bacteriologist: An individual who studies about different types of bacteria and their properties for use in medical sciences and other areas is called Bacteriologist.

Baker: A person who bakes and sells items like bread, biscuit, cakes and other bakery is called baker. Short Term Training courses in Bakery and Cooking etc are also offered by many institutes for the purpose of employment.

Banker: The Owner, director or manager or important functionary of a bank.

Biochemist: A person who specializes in the chemistry and chemical functions and processes of living organism.

Biologist: A person who studies life and structure of plants and animals.

Biotechnology: A study discipline in Sciences and Engineering / Technology which deals with forms of industrial or other production that use microorganisms and their biological process.

Blacksmith: A person trained in making of iron tools and other things, for example: ploughs etc.

Bodyguard: A person who physically protects another person. Normally such professionals are engaged with protection of super rich class individuals and VVIPs. Due to rising crime graph many high end hotels and clubs also employ people who can protect guests from any untoward incidents.

Book Critic: A person who evaluates and describes the content and quality of a book or literature.

Book Dealer: A person who trade in books, generally bulk buy from publications and selling to local market.

Bookbinder: Person who compiles the pages of a book and put covers on them to make a book.

Bookkeeper: A person who keeps business records of company related accounts and transactions.


Call Centre Operator: A person who speaks to clients, listen problems and offers advice on the behalf of a company or its products.

Cameraman: A professional who operates the camera for photography, filmmaking, television production or other purposes.

Caretaker: A person employed to look after a house, building or farmhouse, a hostel, or any other enterprise or project.

Carpenter: A person skilled in the art of making objects from wood like Home or Office Furniture etc.

Cartographer: A trained professional in the art of drawing maps and charts.

Cartoonist: An artist who draws cartoons for newspapers, websites and children books etc. With the virtualization of almost everything world over, now large bunch of professional comes from Animation and Multimedia background.

Cashier: A Person who receives and pays money in the form of cash or cheques in banks, shops, hotels or offices etc.

Caterer: A person who commercially provides food and beverages for large social gatherings.

Censor: The appointed authority to examine books, films, plays, letters and other such material and delete parts considered indecent, offensive, and politically unacceptable or a threat to the security of the country or people.

Chauffeur: A person employed to drive a car, bus, van etc. In general, Chauffer is the term used for driving VVIPs / Elite class people.

Chemist: A person who sells medicines on the prescription of doctors. Such individuals are also expert in chemical analysis of substances.

Choreographer: An expert in the art of designing and arranging steps for a dance or ballet.

Computer Programmer: A person who writes instructions for software programs to behave in a particular way. Other terms used for Computer Programmer are programmer, developer, coder, or software engineer.

Conductor: Person who directs the performance of an orchestra or any performance. Also Conductor is the term used for a person who collects fares on a bus.

Consultant: A person who gives expert advice in any field.

Contractor: A person who does jobs under contract for a specified amount, like constructing building, roads, Web Production or any other work.

Copywriter: A person who creates copies and writes advertising or publicity copy.

Correspondent: The person who collects and contributes news or reports regularly to a newspaper, radio station, website or TV channel.

Cosmetician/Cosmetologist: An expert in art of cosmetics; also, one who sells cosmetics and advises on their use.

Cosmologist: A person who specializes in the scientific study of the universe, its structure, origin and development.

Costume Designer: The person, who makes, deals in or hires out costumes and clothes and other material for wearing for theatrical performance, cinema or TV.

Court Reporter: A person who reports and keeps record of proceedings of the court or on court cases.

Crew: The group of people working on a ship, aircraft, oilrigs, film unit etc.

Cryptographer: An expert person who uses a secret or code language to protect confidential information, documents and computer software from thieves, hackers, copycats and pirates.


Deep-sea Diver: A professional who specializes in diving into deeper parts of the seas or for search operations etc.

Dental Hygienist: A person who specializes in protecting, cleaning and polishing people’s teeth.

Dentist: A qualified doctor in dental and oral health to treat diseases, malformations of, and injuries to teeth, gums, oral bones etc. In India medical colleges offers BDS program at under graduate level course of study. Further one can pursue Post Graduate programs like MDS and Research etc. Many medical diplomas are also offered.

Designer: The professional specialized in conceptualizing and designing (machinery, homes, furniture, fashionable clothes, jewelry, websites and blogs etc). In the area computing and IT they referred as Web Designer.

Detective: A person, especially a police officer, whose job is to investigate and solve crimes, or find the real facts.

Dealership: A dealer is a person who purchases and sales the goods or services of a company, firm, or individual. His work is referred as Dealership.

Dietician: An expert in food, diet and nutrition, eating habits, their values and their physiology. A dietician advises about healthy living, eating habits and balanced diet etc. The found job with organizations like health, sports etc.

Director: Person who manages a company, body or institution, especially as a member of the board. Also one who directs a film, music, drama or any performance.

DJ: Dist Jockey: A person who handles the announcements for radio, TV, stage shows etc. particularly in modern context.

Doctor: A practitioner trained in medical science and qualified to diagnose diseases and treat patients. In India medical qualification equivalent to graduate degree is offered as college course after 12 years of school study in sciences. Also various diplomas and Post Graduate qualifications are offered.

Draftsman: Person responsible for the exact wording of legal document or drawing of parliamentary bill and the like. Also called Drafter, according to “A drafter, draughtsman (British English) or draftsman (American English) is a person who prepares technical drawings and plans under the direction of an architect or engineer.”

Dramatics: Study or practice of acting or producing plays for example Dramas. Skits. Etc.

Driver: Person who drives a vehicle, car, bus, van, train etc. Driver involves in driving elite class people are referred as Chauffeurs


Earth Science: The systematic of earth, earthly resources, chemical composition and physical properties. The study disciplines like Geology, Geography and Mining comes under earth sciences discipline. The Indian School of Mines (ISM) Dhanbad is one the top institute for study of mining in India. Also there are many other institutes like the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology etc.

Ecologist: The scientific study of plants and other living organisms and their correlation comes under this study discipline. The person expert in Ecology is called Ecologist.

Economist: An economist is an expert professional principle of the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. A person who studies Economics as higher part of higher studies is called Economist. Some of the major Economist you will like to know are: Kautilya, Karl Marx, Dr. Amrtya Sen (Nobel Laureate), Dr. Manmohan Singh. St. Johns College, UK offers Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships in his honor.

Editor: An expert who handles the editing of a Newspaper, magazine, book, periodical, videos or journal etc.

Editorial Assistant: A professional who handles day-to-day tasks in the work of editing.

Electrician: A person trained to install, operate or repair electrical equipment, lines, connections etc.

Engineer: An Engineer is problem solver. He / She conceptualizes, designs, builds or maintains engines, machines, bridges, railways, mines, structures etc.

Entrepreneur: The person who sets up or organizes a commercial enterprise, especially one involving financial risks. By definition, an entrepreneur is unemployed professional. In India, Sir JRD holds highest level of honor as Entrepreneur. Also we can not forget Sir Richard Branson, the Founder of Virgin Group.

Anyone can call oneself entrepreneur by doing something small or big or somewhere in mid, but successful entrepreneurs contributes to society regardless. Also there exists terms like Startup, Mid Level Entrepreneur and Successful Entrepreneur, Blogpreneur etc.

Environmental Scientist: The person who studies environment and ecology and works for protection and improvement of environment is called Environmental Scientist.

Event Manager: A person who organizes, arrange and co-ordinate activities involved during any event, function, program.

Executive Secretary: The person in a business organization, club, institution having managerial and administrative power and reporting to the Director or Chief Executive of the company.


Fabricator: A person who makes different objects (grills, furniture, etc) out of any material, like iron and steel etc.

Farmer: Person who owns/manages a farm and produces crops, food grains, vegetables, fruits or poultry. The activity is called Farming.

Fashion Designer:  A person who designs fashion wears like garments, ornaments spectacles etc. Such professionals work for fashion industry, like clothing, apparel etc.

Finger Print Expert: The trained professional to analyse the pattern, lines or impressions made by individual fingers and palms on a surface and used for identifying people especially criminals.

Fireman: A fireman is member of team trained to get control over accidental fire when caught in towns, cities and jungles etc.

Fisherman: A person who makes his living by catching fish and selling them.

Food Analyst: The person who does scientific examination of food for its nutritional value, contamination or presence of bacteria.

Foreign Exchange Dealer: A person who trades in selling and buying of foreign currencies.

Forest Ranger: A person employed to look after forest properties e.g. plants, animals, birds & bees and other natural resources.


Gardener: A person who works in a garden of flower or fruit trees either for remuneration or as a hobby.

Gastronomist: A person specialized in the art of preparing, sampling and cooking various items and recipes of food.

Genealogist: A personal specialized in the study of family history, family tree. They are known as Bhats in Maharashtra.

Geographist: A person who takes part in the scientific study of earth surface, climate and other physical features.

Geologist: A person who does scientific study of earth’s structure, crust, rocks, strata, etc. and the history of its development

Geophysicist: A person who takes part in the scientific study of the physics of the earth – its magnetism, meteorology etc.

Gerontologist: A person who takes part in the scientific study of old people and ageing processes, their psychological and physiological aspects.

Guide: A person who shows another the right way of doing something. In industry term Guide is popularly used for Tourist Guides. Those are employed with Tourist Business to show people around cities and towns, explains about culture and heritage and assist in traveling.

Gynecologist: The medical doctor specialized in the scientific study and treatment of diseases and disorder of the female reproductive system. In India Gynecology is offered as post graduate medial program to MBBS doctors.


Hairdresser: A trained professional in cutting and styling hair, moustaches, beards etc.

Horticulturist: The expert in the art of growing fruits and vegetables, a skilled gardener.

Hostess: Woman who receives and entertains people as guests, during dinners, entertainments etc.


Immunologist: The scientific study of immune system of the human body is called Immunology. The term immunologist is used for qualified doctor who advised and treat humans against resistance and infection.

Insurance Agent: A person with knowledge of selling insurance policies, schemes and products.

Interior Decorator: A trained professional in decoration of inside of rooms, halls, these include both residential and commercial premises.

Interior Designer: An Interior Designer is an expert in interior decoration of rooms and building (walls, roof, furniture, kitchen, space, dining and everything). They conceptualize designs and communicate with project partners and management for execution of task.

Internet café: A place where Computers connected with Internet are rented out for surfing the web. In India, Internet café is a good business in towns but in cities it’s on decline as people get easy internet access on mobile using 2G and 3G.

Interpreter: An expert professional who gives a immediate translation of any conversation happening in another language.


Jeweler: A person expert in designing and selling of jewelry and other ornaments.

Job Consultant: A professional who helps companies in hiring and candidates in getting hired.

Journalist: A trained professional who collects, writes and publish articles and stories for newspapers, magazines and periodicals etc.

Judge: The authority to decide legal cases filed in the court of law or in a tribunal.


Keeper: The trained person who takes of animals in zoo or of items in museum etc.

Knowledge Editor: The professional who takes care of content for books, magazines and periodicals etc.

Knowledge Engineer: The trained engineer who looks after technological aspects of a product, project or overall knowledge management.


Lecturer: A subject expert who teach Pre University Course and Higher.

Lexicographer: The expert who writes or compiles dictionaries, lists, lexicons encyclopedias etc.

Librarian: The person in charge of or assisting in a library, a center where books, cassettes, tapes, CDs, DVDs etc are kept.

Lineman: Person engaged in the job setting, repairing and maintaining electrical or telephone lines.

Linguistics: The scientific study of and language or group of Languages..

Lyricist: The person who writes the words and lines of songs or poems (especially popular songs).


Machinist: The person who makes repairs or operates machine or machine tools.

Macrobiotics: The science of diets that consists of whole grains and vegetables grown organically without chemical treatment.

Marine Biologist: A person who does higher studies in Sea life (Marine Biology).

Marriage Counselor: The expert who guides married couples with marital problems.

Mathematician: A person who does higher studies in Mathematics.

Matron: The Woman-in-charge of the nurses in a hospital or a Hostel.

Medical Representative: The person who does marketing of medical or pharmaceutical products e.g. medicines, drugs and medical equipments.

Medical Transcription: The professional who writes text documents from audio and video records of medical doctors.

Metallurgist: A person who studies Metallurgy as part of higher academic program. Other popular terms are Metallurgical Sciences and Metallurgical Engineering. Metallurgy professionals are involved with extraction and processing of metals; also testing of a final product. They may specialize in Chemical, Physical and Process Metallurgy.

Meteorologist: Meteorologists are professionals who do scientific study of earth’s atmosphere and changes in it. Such data is used in weather forecast e.g. snowfall, rain or storm etc..

Mineralogist: Expert in the scientific study of minerals and uses.

Model: A model is a person who endorses products and services by means of visuals. He / She is employed to pose for an artist, photographer or sculptor. Models get employmet with industries like Clothing, Perfume, Films, and Consumer Electronics. Also many companies hire models on per task basis. Many models work as Freelancers.

Multi-service Provider: The person who provides all types of services to the customers such as plumbing, payment of power/telephone bills etc. under one roof.

Musician: The person who performs or composes music, songs, duets etc. In India, AR Rehman is my favorite.


Naturalist: The person who studies about animals, plants, birds and other living creatures.

Naturopath: The trained professional who treats illness through changes in diet, exercise, manipulation, posture and other natural means like using mud etc

Neurologist: Medical Professional in the area of nervous system, complications and treatment. In India, Neurology is taught as Post Graduate Medical program.

News Reader: Also called New Presenter; he / she is the person who read news for TV / Radio etc. My favorite news reader was Salma Zaidi of BBC during my High School years. Awesome presentation, if you want to say it over Radio, says like Salma Zaidi

News Reporter: The person who collects news and information for a newspaper, magazine or periodical or TV, Radio etc.

Nurse: A person usually female trained in patient care and employed in hospitals.


Occupational Therapist: The trained professional who treats a physical or mental incapacity or handicap through a regulated course of creative or productive work. Occupational Therapist finds work opportunities with hospitals, healthcare centres. Also one may start own enterprise and help people.

Oceanographer: The specialist in the scientific study of the seas and oceans.

Operator: The person who operates equipments for example machines, computer, telephone, etc.

Ophthalmologist: The person or doctor specializing in the scientific study of the eye and its diseases.

Optician: Person who makes and sells optical instruments, for example contact lenses and glasses, spectacles etc.

Orthodontist: The person who specializes in preventing and correcting irregularities in the teeth and jaw.

Orthopaedics: The branch of surgery which deals with the bones, correction of bone deformities and diseases, accidents etc.


Paediatrics: The branch of medicine concerned with children and their diseases. A medical doctor who specializes in this branch of study called Paediatrician. Remember your Doctor Uncle (Aunt) 

Pageant Director: The expert in public entertainment like demonstration of people in costumes or fashion shows. The one who organizes beauty contests, fashion shows etc.

Painter: An artist who paints pictures on canvas and other objects for example wall, building, signboards etc.

Paleontologist: An expert who conducts scientific study of fossils as a guide to the history of life on earth.

Pathologist: A medical doctor who specializes in the study of the disease processes. He / She is the person who performs the various tests for the detection of diseases.

Penology: The study of crime and its punishment, and the management of prisons, correction homes, etc.

Petrology: The scientific study of rocks; origin, composition, distribution and structure.

Pharmacist: The trained professional in the preparation and dispensation of drugs and medicines. They find job with hospital and health care setups. Also many start business..

Pharmacologist: The person who specializes in the scientific study of drugs and medicines and their use in treatment.

Photographer: An expert in the art of taking photographs of nature, people, wild or beauty; they are employed with film studios, museums, news agencies etc. Also many work as freelance photographer or start own business.

Physiologist: The trained medical doctor who studies Physiology as a study discipline. By definition, scientific study of functions of living organisms and parts is called Physiology.

Physiotherapist: “Physiotherapists help and treat people with physical problems caused by illness, accident or ageing. It sees human movement as central to the health and well-being of individuals and identify and maximize movement through health promotion, preventive healthcare, treatment and rehabilitation”. This definition is according to NHS.UK.

Pilot: Also called Air Pilot who flies planes, jets and helicopters etc. They work with Defence Organization and Airlines etc.

Plumber: The person who specializes in the fitting and repair of water pipes, water tanks, cisterns, drainage etc in a building.

Politician: By definition, the person well versed with well versed in the art and science of governance and public affairs.

Private Transporter: The person who provides vehicles such as taxies, buses for traveling and transport of goods.

Printing Technology: Various Technologies of printing items like books, invitation cards, visiting cards, booklets, brochures, pamphlets, handbills, etc.

PRO: The Public Relation Officer or PRO in short is the professional who presents good image of an organization, firm, government or person to the public, especially through the selective dissemination of information and by developing channels of communications.

Producer: Person who produces a film, TV, radio, video, websites, social media or stage programme or shows etc. One who produces films is called Film Producer; who produce websites is called Web Producer, so on so fourth. Many work as freelancer or with own business. However, work opportunities are high for these professionals world over.

Psephologist: Expert in the study of the way in which people vote in elections, especially by means of opinion polls.

Psychiatrist: The specialist in the study and treatment of mental abnormalities and illness.

Psychologist: The expert who makes the scientific study of the human mind and its functions.

Publication: The profession of publishing books, magazines, weeklies etc.


Quiz Master: A person who conducts a quiz or competition, especially on TV, radio or stage in which people answer questions to test their knowledge, particularly general knowledge and current affairs. Kaun Banega Crorepati, famous Indian Television Game Show hosted by Amitabh Bachchan is based on Quiz.


Radio Astronomy: The astronomical study by means of radar; study of radio waves generated in space.

Radio Therapist: The expert in the treatment of diseases, especially cancer and other malignancies by radiation, such as X-rays.

Radiologist: The trained medical doctor specialized in the diagnostic use of X-rays, ultrasounds, magnetism or methods of imaging the internal structure of the body.

Receptionist: The person employed to receive visitors or callers at a hotel, office, clinic or other establishment.


Sailor: The crew members of a ship below office rank.

Salesperson: A person who sales items on shop window or door to door.

Sanitary Inspector: An official who checks hygienic conditions in shops, restaurants and other establishments.

Script Writer: The person who creates stories and dialogues for films, televisions and documentaries etc. Ideas may be own or taken from a novel, storybook and other literature.

Security Systems: The profession of manufacturing various security equipments such as security alarms, sirens, metal detectors etc.

Seismologist: The study of earthquakes is called Seismology. An expert in Seismology is called Seismologist.

Sociologist: An expert in the scientific study of social behaviour, its origins, development, organisation, and institutions. Sociologists make use of experimental study and critical analysis to develop know-how about social changes.

Software Engineer: They play with codes and writes software programs. Normally software comes for academic domain of Computer Science and Engineering. However, many also learn coding and obtain certificates as part of part time learning, vocational education & training etc. Expertise over experience matters in this profession. The founder of famous blogging platform WordPress is a poet first.

Speech Therapist: The trained professional who helps people in speech problems.

Speleologist: A scientist who studies and explore caves, tunnels, etc.

Sports Editor: An editor with sound knowledge of sports & games who work with newspaper / sports magazines, TV channels or websites.

Stock Broker: An expert professional who buys and sells stocks and shares for clients on a commission basis or advises them.

Surveyor: The person who surveys and values vehicles, buildings or other property, one who surveys land and terrain.

System Analyst: A computer professional, who develops a programme, analyses the system and supervises how a company’s computer software runs.


Tailor: The trained person in taking bodily measurements and stitch cloths for regular use and special occasions. Tailoring is also taught as certificate course. Many finds work opportunities with Garment manufacturing companies etc. Also many trained tailors start their own business.

Tax Consultant: A person who advises about tax liabilities and savings on government taxes etc. These professionals come from commerce and legal background.

Travel Agent: A person who arranges for Travel by road, bus or airplane. Also many travel agents facilitates for hotel booking and seeing places etc. Normally travel agents work with Travel Agencies but some also as individual. These are certified professionals. When you hire an agent for travel must check for license, qualification and recommendations.


Umpire: A person appointed to observe performance of sports players, give out decisions and prepare performance cards. For example Steve Bucknor in Cricket.

Underwriter: Person or organization that underwrites (accept liability or gives guarantee) insurance policies, especially for ships, aircraft etc.


Valuer: A professional who specializes in estimation of the monetary value of a company, property, land, jewellery, goods or other items.

Vastu Consultant: A knowledgeable person who advises on the on the relevance of various directions like east, west directions with respect to residence and commercial buildings, based on ancient Indian principles of layout and constructions.

Veterinary Surgeon: A trained veterinary doctor in the treatment and surgery of animal diseases and injuries.

Video Shooting: The making of a film by video camera also referred as digital photography, video camera is used to catch motion pictures from public functions like marriage ceremony etc.

Virologist: An expert in the scientific study of viruses and viral diseases.

VJ: Video Jockey: A person who acts as an anchor in television/ video shows.


Warehouse Man: A Person who stores goods in a godown before they are sent to shops for sale.

Warrant Officer: The Non-Commissioned Officer of the highest grade in the army, air force or navy.

Welder: A person specialist in joining two or more metal surfaces by raising the temperature at the joints by means of external heat.

Wildlife Specialist: An expert in wildlife who helps put into practice measures for the conservation of wildlife.

Writer: A person who make living writing books, stories, articles, essays, criticisms, commentaries etc.

Ghost Writers are also in trend. Don’t be afraid! Popular writers hire knowledge professionals to write manuscripts, knowledge editors finalize scripts for publishing. However, in between writer sees everything for correctness and accuracy. Normally ghost writer get paid one time. Many begin as Ghost Writer and later start writing for the self. In fact, Ghost Writing is helpful to find your niche, make connections in industry and get published. 


Yoga Teacher: The person who teaches the principles and practice of yoga., Hathyoga, Patanjali yoga etc.


Zoologist: An expert in the systematic and scientific study of the structure and functions, form and distribution of animal life.

If you know a profession not listed in this page, please feel free to email me same at devkmishra at  gmail  dot com I will happily add that and due credit will be given.


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