7 Hiring Trends To Watch For In 2015

Digital Marketing is already on the boom; without doubt, the trend shall be continuous in 2015 and even beyond. Recruiting managers use Staffing and employment solutions to catch efficient people for work and find companies looking for hire. Even most of hiring process runs on Internet before a job seeker and interviewer see each other in person. The IT Jobs will be hotter in 2015. Here are Top 7 Recruiting Trends for 2015 that we expect will be on the rise throughout the year.

1. IT Cloud Will Grow Bigger

Cloud Computing is in nascent phase yet. 2015 will be the year when more and more companies will shift to cloud, may be partially or fully. As we know working on cloud makes data distribution and delivery several times easier. To handle data on cloud and its distribution industry needs efficient human resources. A sure win-win situation for Cloud Experts, Fresh Engineering Graduates and off course IT recruiters.

2. Online Communities Will Be New Focus 

Social Media will grow to mammoth size from inside. Companies know where customers are. Definitely they will be more engaged in meeting them online so as to know interests and serve better products and services. To do all this more social media experts and knowledge professionals will be on demand.

3. The Rise Of CDO

Distribution of Content Over Internet will be basic to fight market competition. There will be more opportunities for Digital Content Writers, Editors and Marketers. To handle the massive content distribution over Internet the need for Chief Digital Officer (CDO) will be on the rise. This will be a wonderful opportunity for experienced content creators, article marketers and alike who have a say in brand building.

4. Need For Inbound Content Will Rise

Era of so called guest blogging is over; its time to really sponsor original guests posts and to create massive content. Search engine will bury those websites with useless content. To stay ahead, many existing website will go for massive revisions. Also, both old and new upcoming businesses will focus more on creation of true knowledge base. Organic Traffic will hold the key of your marketing success. Not only people from IT and Computing background but also those with a qualification in language and literature will see more opportunities.

5. Everyone Will Seek To Be Mobile Friendly

Mobiles are becoming cheaper; android and windows phones are not beyond reach for many. People browse more Internet on mobile and tablets than on a PC or Laptop. Every business will need to go mobile friendly. To build mobile friendly websites Demand for Computer Programmers and Web Developers will be on the rise.

6. More People Will Be Hired Through Video Conferencing

Though, this is not a job position but a method already in place. In 2015, recruiters will make more use of Video Conferencing to bring employer and job seekers together. New graduates and those looking for job change need to prepare for that type of hiring interviews.

7. Recruitment Through Social Media Will Be On The Rise?

What your social media profile says about you? Those have ignored social profile need to look back. Companies like LinkedIn are already helping to employers, job seekers and recruiters. In 2015, this trend will intensify. Recruiting through social media is easy and less time consuming. This does not mean, existing trends like sending and receiving resume via email will completely go. But job seekers are found on social media, as well as companies and customers. To deliver better workforce to better employees recruiting managers will scan more social media. 

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