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Study MBA: NAU WA Franke College of Business


The WA Franke College of Business Administration - Northern Arizona University (NAU) offers Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme. You can chose NAU MBA in Account or Applied Management concentration. For either concentration candidates will need to complete 9 credit hours course. The candidates who chose of NAU MBA in Accounting concentration will be ready to take portions of CPA examination.

The NAU MBA application accepts both GRE/GMAT. However, candidates with several years of industry experience may not require to write GRE/GMAT.

The NAU - WA Franke College of Business accepts MBA applications. The Graduate MBA programme is AACSB accredited.

NAU WA Franke MBA Admission Requirements

  • An Undergraduate degree with Business Major. Program duration is 10 month. However, candidates without Business Major can complete the NAU MBA in 18 Months
  • GRE/GMAT Score 
  • Candidates with several years of industry experience experience may not need to submit GRE/GMAT score.

And must submit the following:
  • Completed graduate college application
  • Unofficial transcripts
  • Short answer essay questions
  • Resume
  • A reference form provided.

Key features of NAU WA Franke MBA

  • Short duration; NAU WA Franke MBA you can complete in a 10 Months time.
  • You improve on business communication, team skills and leadership.
  • While studying MBA at NAU you will get many chances to career fairs, networking events, mock interviews, and executive job shadows.
  • The NAU MBA helpful for candidates looking for CPA certification with accounting emphasis.
  • The Applied Management focus makes you exceptional in the areas of business analytics, professional development, and business consulting.
NAU WA Franke MBA Programme Fee

  • Approximately $20,000 for in-state and WRGP students.
  • Approximately $36,100 for out-of-state students.
  • Financial support and Fellowships are offered to deserving candidates.
  • You can also chose to do Part Time Work to meet the program cost.

NAU WA Franke MBA Programme Structure

    Core Classes:

    The MBA program consists of 30 credits.  All students in the cohort take the following courses which total 21 credit hours:

     BA 587 – Professional Development
    Description: PC skills for professionals; introduction to communication skills; expectations and coaching available during the program; computer-assisted meeting tools. Letter grade or pass-fail.

    BA 650 – Systems, Orientation, And Training
    Description: Systems view of the firm; ethics perspectives; business strategy, and the case method approach to business. Letter grade only.

    BA 651 – Customers, Markets, And Organizations
    Description: Assessment of markets and customers, both nationally and internationally. Evaluation of market structure, conduct, and performance with statistical tools. Develop, evaluate, and assess marketing strategy. Letter grade only.

    BA 652 – Managing People And Processes
    Description: Overview of the behavior and motivation of individuals within an organizational framework; interactions among organizational design, culture, and processes, emphasizing information technology; process management; and improvement. Letter grade only.

    BA 653 – Individuals, Teams, And Careers
    Description: Introduces human-asset issues in organizations from personal, legal, and management perspectives. Letter grade only.

    BA 654 – Managerial Decision-making
    Description: Analytical techniques for managerial decision-making; relationships between financial markets and firm goals, effects of cost evaluation on firm decision-making, and long-term financial decisions both nationally and internationally. Letter grade only.

    BA 659 – Strategy and Leadership
    Description: Students evaluate strategic business challenges, considering managerial implications of organizational issues, to make high-level decisions and determine proper leadership to implement those decisions. Students use analytical tools and class discussion to formulate and implement policy. This case intensive class sets the foundation for other core MBA classes. Letter grade only.

     BA 687 – Professional Development Seminar
    Description: This course offers enrichment activities geared to building vital business life-skills. Students will build confidence and skills in the areas of: career development, business ethics and international practices. Letter grade only. May be repeated for three units of credit.

    ACC 650 – Financial Reporting And Statement Analysis
    Description: Firm valuation models; accounting theory pertaining to financial reporting alternatives and issues; analysis of financial reporting pertaining to distress prediction, forecasting earnings and cash flows, and equity analysis. Letter grade only.

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