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10 Speeding Reading Apps To Learn More In Less Time

Curriculum is lengthy for any examination; you need not only to attempt too many questions in less time but also need help in reading fast. Practice is the key to achieve a certain level of speed, but you need help too. In today’s world environment when both parents are busy, certainly students need help from machines and apps. Thanks to app makers who did the great job to assist in learning. Using speed reading techniques, you can multiply your reading speed up to 3 times. Obviously not in a single day, but you need commitment and regular practice towards it. These apps make use of Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) technique to display words in rapid manner, so you can read truly fast. Here are 10 Speed Reading Apps To Help You In Multiplying Reading Speed.

#1. ReadMe! 

This app make use of “optical recognition point” together with RSVP technique so you don’t miss a word. The app highlight the words in red for easir word identification. ReadMe is an ebook reader and powered by Spritiz. Some of the hot features of this app are: different types of color themes, bookmarks and everyday ebook reading functions. Spritz requires from its users to get connected online but subscribers can keep the book for offline reading.

Download for Android | Download for iOS

#2. Acceleread (iOS) 

This app works like a speed reading course. It has series of tutorials to help you in reading fast. You can import DRM free ebooks into the app and use as training tool. In free version you will get limited choices for tool selection but in paid version you will get much more extended functionality.

Download Accelerated via iTunes

#3. Boba (iOS) (Free)

Boba is supported by Spritz, you can read your favorite content in Spritz supported iOS browser and Safari extension. You can customize your reading speed at different levels. This is truly fun. Only hind side is, you would need to connect to internet as per Spritz requirements.

Download Boba Speed Reading App

#4. SpeedRead with Spritz for Android 

Using this app you can read content from many different apps those uses “Text To Speed” mode (TTS) . You can read from Google Play Books, Pocket, Moon+ etc. Simply connect to your Spritz account and configure your settings.

Download SpeedRead with Spritz for Android

#5. Syllable

This is an iOS app and make use of RSVP technology to assist you in speed reading. It offers support for readers like Pocket, Instapaper, Readability etc. Also you can customize app for your choice for example you can set it to display series of words of screen instead of single word.

Download Syllable via iTunes

#6. ReadQuick for iOS

Using read quick free version you can set your reading speed for 250 to 1000 words per minute. User can read content from clipboards, Pocket, Instapaper, Feedly and LongReads etc. However for a premium subscription users get extended features like to sync between devices and ful article viewer mode etc.

Download ReadQuick for iOS

#7. OutRead for iOS 

This app for iOS make use of “meta guide” together with RSVP speed reading technique to highlight words in a column of text. You can read from different sources like Pocket, Readability and Instapaper etc. Also you can import DRM free epub books, Word, TXT and RTF files, and text from your clipboard.

Download OutRead for iOS

#8. Reading Trainer 

This app offers courses to improve your reading speed. Its available across devices; i.e. Android, iOs and Windows

Download Reading Trainer for Android | Download Reading Trainer for iPad

Download Reading Trainer for iPhone  | Download Reading Trainer for Windows Phone

#9. A Faster Reader for Android

This app uses Spritz and RSVP technology to flash words in quick succession on the mobile and tabs screen powered by Android. You can read content from readers like Pocket, Zite, Feedly etc. Also you can share text from sources like Google Keep and Evernote. Free version is set for maximum reading speed of 350 words per minute, but for a paid subscription you will get many extended facilities.

Downlaod A Faster Reader for Android

#10. ReadingPack.Com

This is a website like Instapaper or Pocket. You can curate likeable content and  practice to improve your reading speed.

#11. Use Stop Watch Technique: If you don’t have any of these devices use my techniques and improve reading speed manually.

Ingredients Required: A book, a watch and you. I love calling this method Stop Watch Technique.


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