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How to increase your reading speed

My Free Tips To Increase Your Read Speed - By Following These 5 Techniques You Can Triple Your Reading Speed

Everybody goes to school, you attend same lectures as your friends. Perhaps you put more time in studies than your roommate in hostel. But you score less. Why? What is different in your friends? What is that one thing / one area in which you are lagging behind? Perhaps it could be reading speed. Mastering the art of reading is as important as biking or hiking. Can you ride a bike very first time and comfortably with good speed? Perhaps no if you never driven one before. But after couple of months you can drive at good speed like a Pro.

Reading is similar like biking or vice versa. Our brain records patterns of everything. You need to read in patterns: patterns of fonts, words and statements or may be pattern of a page. When we are a kid, our parents tell us to say and practice 'A' then to write it. The child brain records font pattern. After few day or a week, same child can write 'A'. I often see children writing alphabets on walls and unwanted place. Children are curious. Once the brain has recorded a certain pattern, the child brain want to reflect it.

How we draw a Globe or shape of fruit or something on a sheet of a paper? Simply by practicing and recording shape pattern in our brain. Same is true with reading speed.

Think; Triangle your brain will reflect shape of it. Think Circle, your brain will reflect shape of it. Think Bird, your brain will reflect shape of it. Think about some personality, your brain will reflect his / her portrait. How? Because, your brain has stored pattern of these things since long.

Learn like a child, record the pattern of your curriculum in your brain, score more. You can do this by increasing your reading speed. Practice leads to perfection. Here are couple of ways to increase your reading speed.

The fastest reading speed of a person is how many words he / she can read per minute when saying it aloud.
#Tip 1: Find Your Reading Speed: Grab a book, better is to take one that you find easy. No, not mathematics, pick civics, or physics or something general, like a story book. Mark a paragraph that you want to read. Write down time of start, begin, start saying it aloud, once paragraph finishes, write down time again.

Repeat this 10 times, next find your average speed per minute. Write in a notebook how many words you can read in a minute. Also you can take help of a friend to know your reading speed. Who can say you Stop at the end of a minute.

Tip 2: Repeat Reading Same Paragraph: Now since you know your reading speed, for obvious reasons you'll like to increase it. Do not pick the new paragraph, instead practice same paragraph again and again. Keep taking note of time and finding your average reading speed per minute. You will notice an increase in reading speed within 2/3 days and significant increase in your speed withing a week time.
Do not give up if you didn't find any improvement very first day or very first week, keep practicing.
Tip 3. Read A Full Page: Once your start noticing increase in reading speed, next take to full page, and repeat the process.

Tip 4: Read Story Books: Everybody like stories. Once you master a page and feel full control over it, this will encourage you to read more. Now grab a small story book and repeat the process as you did in step one. Obviously you can not read a story book 10 times in a day. Do it twice or you can do it once a day, record time taken and next day read and record time taken. I bet, if you are honest in practicing, you will found a significant increase in reading speed very next day, you will take at least 20-30% less time in reading the same. 

Tip 5: Read Online From Medium: This is not for kids below high school if you are not a Mark Guberti or want to be like him. On medium world's top influencers publishes stories. When you open a Medium Link, you will find reading time below heading. Mark time of start and start reading. And when you finish, take note of time again, find your average reading speed and repeat the process. You can find many such websites on internet those mark time at the beginning of the story. They do from business prospective, but you can use it other way round to increase your reading speed.

Why increase in reading speed matters for academic success?

Not only academic success, reading speed also matters in taking job promotions and doing business. The more you read, the more you learn thing and the more you do in less time. Obviously for academics, students  can increase reading speed learn fast, revise fast, can do more in less time and obtain good grades.

I can read 200 words per minute. How many words per minute you can read? Share in comments below.


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