Engineering Students, MBAs and University Students Join IBM as Intern

Where to go after IBM? Everywhere, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft or Facebook and world is broader bigger outside. There shall be no more looking back once you get an experience certificate from IBM. The International Business Machine (IBM) is one of most loved company among Engineering Students and MBAs from world over. There is a lot to do from inside IBM to the world; Consulting, Research, Software, Sales. There exists innumerable opportunities and winning is in your hands. The company operates across 173 countries and serves to 17 industries. Once you complete Internship perhaps there will be few (may be no one) those will reject your job application.

Is A Degree In Computer Science Worth

The Computer Science and Engineering a.k.a. CSE is hot career option. It opens many vistas to excel in career and life. World is driven by computers and hence the requirements for eligible computer science graduates is ever increasing. Whether you should find a job after acquiring BSc/BE/B.Tech/MS/M.Tech degree in Computer Science and its related areas shall depend mainly on one thing; how you can make the difference in live people through your computing knowledge. Whether you should acquire a qualification in computer science depends on your Academic Rating in Mathematics and Science, Ability To Learn and Adopt New Things and Ability To Logic. If you are awesome, its definitely worth. Whether you get a job offer or not depends on how many jobs are created, but truly learned always can get an employment. Here is an awesome article by top technology website, i feel worth sharing Is It Worth It To Study Computer Science?

In my personal opinion, to reach to very top level in the field of Computer Science & Engineering one should acquire at least masters level qualification like MS/PhD etc with very high grades.