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QnA: How a not so rich student from Bangladesh can pursue Post Graduate studies from a Japanese University?

Question: I am a student from Bangladesh graduating from Dhaka University on Social Welfare & Research Subject. My Course will complete in 2018. I want to pursue Post Graduation from Japan but I am not financially sound and won’t be able to pay for tuition fees. Please guide me, how can I fulfill my dreams.

Answer: It’s nice to know that you are a deserving candidate and willing to pursue higher studies. Researchers form backbone of human society. Institutions from across world invite deserving candidates from all locations.

So what makes a deserving candidate?

Everyone deserves. While scanning applications universities look for following things in a student

1. Previous Academic Record
2. Performance in Admission Test and Interview, and
3. Statement of Purpose

Also you will be passionate about learning Japanese language.

Japan has many universities to provide higher education and conduct research in varied areas of Humanities, Sciences, Engineering and Mathematics. For admission into a Post Graduate program you need completion of 16 years education from home come country, i.e. 12 years of School Education + 4 Year of College Degree. Also Japanese institutions require that the country from where you are coming must have good relations with Japan and luckily Bangladesh have that.

Here at this point I suggest you to do three things
1. Study well and achieve good grades
2. Narrow down your wish list of universities. Japan has many, look in which university the course in which you are interested is offered and admission requirements. Different universities may differ in admission criteria.
3. Chose your location. Japan is a big geography. From monetary view point, staying in a remote area may be less costly than in main city centres.
4. Look for Scholarships. Japan offers various scholarships to International students.

To know about Schools, Courses and Scholarships you can count on Official Website of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology – Japan

Please note, Scholarships are offered to deserving candidates who show a promise to complete the course work in university setting and may deliver their best to society.

The Japanese Mission in Dhaka offers free educational counseling to Students from Bangladesh about Study in Japan, choosing university / course, and applying for scholarships. Counseling session held regularly other than Holidays. Also you can get access to educational counseling facilities at office of Japanese Universities Alumni Association in Bangladesh (JUAAB).

You can apply for MEXT Scholarship to meet tuitions cost and living expenses.

Also you can look for private scholarships offered through private funds.

Flying to Japan for Higher Studies is simple 5 step process.

1. Check with the university, if you fulfill eligibility requirement
2. Head to Japanese Mission in your area, attend counseling session. This exercise is essential to chose universities to those you write application, applying for scholarships, courses selection and migration requirements
3. Obtain a Passport
4. Apply for universities in which you are interested.
5. Upon receiving admission offer, schedule for interview with Visa Officer of Japanese Mission in your area.

That’s pretty simple but comes of rigorous studies and dedication.

Allow me suggest you an alternative route; just in case, if you cannot make it directly to a Japanese University; you can go for Student Exchange Programme. Bangladesh has bilateral relations with Japan. Check with your university and with other universities in home country if they offer Student Exchange Program in your area of study.

As part of Student Exchange Program you will pursue part of course work in home country and part in foreign (Japan). How this program work is, universities send students to a foreign country for study in final year / final semester of course work, In exchange, they accept students from foreign country to where they are sending student from country. As part of exchange programme, you not only complete a course, but also get international exposure which helps you in pursuing further higher studies, obtain scholarships and getting a job of good pay package.

Here at this point I am binding this article, I hope this article you will found helpful. Do feel free to ask any more questions if you have. I will be happy in answering your queries.

Good Luck