National Bravery Award 2015

A burning desire to do something for the Nation makes today's children tomorrow's guardians. Bill Gate; Kalam; Elon Musk, Bhagat Singh, Savarkar, Stephen Hawking or Ramanujan all were child sometime and they made the difference to the whole wold. People live by their example. In a country of 100 Plus Billion People, I am quite sure there are many children who act wise in the times of needs; they extend helping hands even at the cost of own life. The Government of India bestowed National Bravery Award on all such children who show courage to help others in the times of extreme conditions. All these Children Receive award from the Prime Minister of India and take part in the Republic Day Parade at Rajpath, New Delhi. Here is National Bravery Award List 2015

1. Zeal Jitendra Marathe (Age 13 Year): Her school bus lost control, children started falling, but this girl shown enough courage and maturity to save many lives. She managed to come out of the bus, used her teachers mobile phone to call ambulance, police and even parents of many kids.

2. Anjith P (Age: 12 Year): Save 2 drowning boys from a 20 feet deep river.

3. Late Gaurav Kumar Bharti (Age: 15 Year): Sadly he was not able to save his life but save his friend from drowning from Ganga.

4. Sahanesh R (Age 13 Year): His school bus lost control and fell into the paddy fields, but this boy didn't lost his courage, instead he broken open the front glass of the bus, pull driver and many children out.

5. Ashwini Bandu Ughade (Age: 13 Year): She was able to save her younger sister Rohini from the jaws of a Leopard. Courageous.

6. L Brainson Singh (Age: 10 Year): When nobody was in the house, his 6 year old brother electrocuted, but the boy managed to save his bother's life. He received severe burn injuries.

7. G Tooldev Sharma (Age: 9 Year): He don't know swimming but managed to pull out a 3 year old kid from a 6 feet deep pond. He hold the kid from collar in one hand, took support of a bamboo stick in other hand and cries for help.

(I am stumped, still I slip on muddy roads, how this kid managed?)

8. Ripa Das (Age 7 Year): When her house engulfed in fire, her mother and grandmother panicked and ran for life, but this kid stayed back to save her brother's life.

(Are you a neighbor of Ripa and reading this? Give her some chocolate bags please)

9. Balram Dansena (Age: 11 Year): Save an 8 year old boy from drowning from a 15 feet deep pond.

10. Rajdeep Das (Age 16 Year): 3 girls fell into a 8 feet deep pond during Laxmi Visarjan. The boy jumped in the pond and manage to save all three even gave them first aid.

11. Hiral Jitubhai Halpati (Age: 17 Year): A 4-month old infant fell into the river from a 30 feet high bridge. You can guess what has happened next?

Teens like Hiral deserves salute and national support.

12. Aqil Mohammad NK (Age 9 Year): A mother was crying for help for her 3.5 old baby who was drowning in Chaliyar river.

Waters of Kerala and this much courage, what to say, Human or Lion???

Thank You Aqil Mohammad NK

13. Midhun P.P. (Age: 14 Year): Saves and 8 year old boy who was drowning in a 8 meter deep well.

(No comments, I am afraid of deep waters)

14. Stevenson Lawriniang (Age: 14 Year): A boy was drowning in a 6 to 8 feet deep pond but Steven was able to save him.

(Only he knows how??? If i consider 6 ft only then too its way much deeper than the height of a grown up adult. Can we ignore water current please??? Bernoulli says NO, fingers crossed.)

15. Late Mesak K Remnalalnghaka (Age: 14 Year): Sorry for Mesak and his family. He lost his life in an effort to save a drowning boy in a river. Despite he didn't know swimming but still jumped in the deep waters.

16. Mhonbeni Ezung (Age 8 year): His Grandma gone to fishing but started downing. The boy pulled the granny out on his shoulders, gave her some food then ran many miles to ask help from villagers who then took her to hospital.

(Was this love for stolen chocolates from Granny's vault or fried fishes only Mhonbeni knows :-P)

17. Labhanshu (Age: 15 Year): At Rishikesh seeing someone drowning in Ganga his friend jumped in to offer help. Next Lahanshu was required to pull out not one but two from deep waters.

18. Devesh Kumar (Age: 16 Year): 2 miscreants snatched chain of a school principal but Devesh confronted and even hit by a bullet on his waist.

19. Late Riya Chaudhary (Age 15 Year): Some miscreants entered in her house and started assaulting her family. A gunman shot a bullet on her father but she came in the way, managed to save her father but lost her own life.

20. Rumoh Meto: A 32 old man was stuck with a 33 KV high voltage line. Rumho received severe burn injuries in order to save the man. He succeeded in second attempt.

21. Vishal Becharbhai Katosna (Age 10 Year): Two 7 year old boys were downing in the river, Vishal pulled both on his shoulders to shores.

22. Late Monika: She was washing clothes at the riverside of Alaknanda River in Chamoli District when she saw a 10 old neighbor drowning in the water. She managed to pull him out but sadly lost her own life.

23. Resham Fatma: Her 38 old uncle proposed her marry and when she refused he poured acid on her head. He may have killed her, but girl shows enough courage and bravery to throw him out of the car. Then she reached to Police Station. Culprit was arrested but commit suicide in jail within one week of arrest.

(Harassment of females is common across world both inside homes and outside. Resham Fatma is an example to the females. If someone harassing you, do not stay silent, raise your voice.)

24. Gunjan Sharma: She was abducted to the jungles of Assam in her school van along with her classmates. Gunjan offered herself to militants and told to leave her friends. When security team searched for abducted children they found Gunjan's mouth was stuffed with a pistol so she can not shout.

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