Flipkart Partnered With Udacity For Hiring Talent

Flipkart has entered into the partnership with Udacity for hiring talent. The hiring process will be interview less. The Udacity's Nano Degree Program students can directly chose to work with Flipkart, given a vacancy is available there and a candidate is willing to work for Flipkart. Three Udacity Graduate of Android Developer Nano Degree program already chose to work with the India's largest online retailer.

This does not mean Flipkart shall stop hiring completely from other campuses or stop taking applications. But one thing is sure, if you are graduated from Udacity, Flipkart could make your preferred choice. While working with this major online retailer in India you will get prestige plus money together with handling experience of really a big thing. They sell products under more than 70+ categories and more than 30 million products are listed on Flipkart.

On the other hand Udacity always make sure that Nano Degree Graduate shall be on demand in the industry. The mobile economy of India is on the rise. It is expected that by the year 2020 there shall be demand for 20 million mobile talent. This means a huge opportunity in coming years in computers science and its applications.

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Source: Udacity.Com

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