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Reddit is looking for Software Engineer Intern and more

Reddit, popular Social Networking Site looking for Fresh University Graduates for the position of Software Engineer. Also company is looking to recruit Software Engineer Intern. If you are someone staying in United States nearby Reddit, looking for a job or job change, perhaps this is a good opportunity. There are many available positions and many permanent roles with various departments.
 If you wish to apply, here is official hiring page of Reddit

How to become a Database Administrator

Database Administrator also know as Dbase Admin / Dbase Administrator or Database Admin.
Computer Database is growing on minute to minute basis. Million Zillions of instructions are given to computers to run our day day life smoothly. Household, Education, Computers, Small Business, Or Mission Mars name anything and it associates to a databases. Life now revolves around Computers. And to handle all such data requires Database Administrators.

List of Computer & IT Jobs and Definitions

Computers and Information Technology (IT) are often blamed to take away jobs of millions of workers. However, these fellows built of silicon and plastic created many jobs too.

Both Computers and Information Technology (IT) play specific role in today's society. World over, men and women work with computers and make living. Ability to work with computers is primary requirements with many businesses and government organizations. We see computers everywhere and persons sitting behind those screens feeding data. Here given list of Computer & IT Jobs

Canva is hiring talent for Manila and Sydney locations

Canava is an agency that makes marriage of art with technology. The company leverages the people to learn design skills at a fast paced rate. Also it leverages people working with other areas like medicine or computers etc in creating beautiful visuals. The company was started in 2012. However, the impact of this design school is so big that Guy Kawasaki joined Canva as Chief Evangelist on April 1, 2014. In fact this was the time when I got to know about this design school and now I use it to do all my blogs, social media and clients' work. Its awesome.

Canva is hiring talent at Sydney and Manila locations. Following positions are available at the time of writing this news piece

Flipkart Partnered With Udacity For Hiring Talent

Flipkart has entered into the partnership with Udacity for hiring talent. The hiring process will be interview less. The Udacity's Nano Degree Program students can directly chose to work with Flipkart, given a vacancy is available there and a candidate is willing to work for Flipkart. Three Udacity Graduate of Android Developer Nano Degree program already chose to work with the India's largest online retailer.

Udacity is Hiring, Apply Now

Are you looking to get a job or job change. Here is the wonderful opportunity to work with one of the top companies in the world Udacity Currently, this company is looking for Business Development Manager and Course Manager for India. The company's office is located in Bangalore.

Earn Internship With Yahoo India

Are you college student looking for Internship opportunities? Whether you are from Engineering and Technology or any different, Yahoo India offers Internship opportunities for graduating students. Needless to say Yahoo is International Technology Company and has Headquarters in Silicone Valley California. For obvious reasons opportunities are open worldwide. They have very broad range of interests. Irrespective of your study stream, it’s wise to keep a check on Yahoo Job website if you are looking for Internship. A Yahoo experience shall open many vistas to excel further in career and life. 
Yahoo Careers
Intern with Yahoo India

Intel Internship Opportunities open for Diploma, Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. Candidates

Intel, the world's top technology company offers many different options for students looking for Internship program. Company is open to all graduating candidates and those graduated within past 18 months. Also there are internship opportunities for Diploma, Masters, and PhD Program students. When you work at Intel you not only do job but learn new things and build strong recommendations. Competitive stipend is paid to every Intern depending on his/her qualification and the type of job he / she is involved into. If you are a graduating candidates or studying for master's or Ph.D qualification, you are eligible to join Intel for Temporary Full Time Position. 

Intel Jobs India
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MS/PhD Candidates Apply for Project Loon, Work with Google

Google is hiring MS/PhD candidates to work with Project Loon team. The eligible candidates need to posses prototyping experience, strong analytical skills and MS/PhD qualification in anyone of the following study areas:

  • Firmware and controls
  • Free space optical communication
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering

How Find A Job At NASSCOM?

Are you a Under Graduate / Post Graduate / MBA / Ph.D Degree degree holder / Experienced Professional / Ambitous Human Being and looking for job / job change / excel in career path.

Join NASSCOM - the National Association of Software and Services Companies, enjoy handsome salary package and honour of working for the national cause. The NASSCOM recruits talented professionals from all walks of life to serve to different departments, viz; engineering. management, marketing, finance and administration etc.

Find IT Jobs in WordPress Hiring Directory

While reading around how to Sync WordPress CMS with Google App Engine on website my eyes caught attention over weblink 'Jobs'; reason enough, I have curated through this portal. You can find Jobs link on bottom of the WordPresss.Org Website. Clicking on it take me to a completely new website and I got to to know this is wordpress job directory where employers posts IT Jobs. Whether you are a fresher or someone seeking job change, if you belongs to Computers and IT there are opportunities available.