List of Universities in Netherlands

Pursuing University Education from a foreign country is a dream of many students. Sometimes its a particular course that attracts Internationa candidates and sometimes its just a plain wish to catch a first flight to foreign shores and learn in a completely different settings. The Universities in Netherlands provides higher education in different academic areas, viz; Arts; Humanities; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Computer Science, Architecture, Medicine etc. To help students of International community who wish to migrate to Netherlands for any reasons whether as a choice or compulsion here given list of Universities in Netherlands.

Universities / Institutes of Higher Education in Netherlands

  1. Christelijke Hogeschool Windesheim 
  2. Delft University of Technology 
  3. Dutch Delta University 
  4. Eindhoven University of Technology 
  5. Erasmus University Rotterdam 
  6. European Open University 
  7. Fontys University Of Applied Sciences 
  8. Foundation University 
  9. Free University Amsterdam 
  10. Friesland Universities 
  11. Hogeschool Drenthe 
  12. Hogeschool Rotterdam 
  13. Hogeschool Utrecht 
  14. Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU) 
  15. Institute of Social Studies 
  16. Intenational Institute for Geo - Information Science and Earth Observation 
  17. Islamic University of Rotterdam 
  18. NHTV Breda University of Professional Education 
  19. Open Universiteit Nederland 
  20. Open University of the Netherlands 
  21. Radboud University of Nijmegen 
  22. Saxion Universities 
  23. Tilburg University 
  24. University for Humanistics (UH) 
  25. University of Amsterdam 
  26. University of Groningen 
  27. University of Leiden 
  28. University of Maastricht 
  29. University of Nijenrode 
  30. University of Twente 
  31. Utrecht University 
  32. Wageningen Agricultural University 
  33. Wittenborg University 

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