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List of Universities in Italy

Pursuing University Education from a foreign country is a dream of many students. Sometimes its a particular course that attracts International candidates and sometimes its just a plain wish to catch a first flight to foreign shores and learn in a completely different settings. The Universities in Italy provides higher education in different academic areas, viz; Arts; Humanities; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Computer Science, Architecture, Medicine etc. To help students of International community who wish to migrate to Italy for any reasons whether as a choice or compulsion here given list of Universities in Italy.

Universities / Institutes of Higher Education in Italy

  • Abdus Salam international centre for theoretical physics 
  • Basilicata University Potenza 
  • Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome 
  • Catholic University of the Sacred Heart 
  • Dutch University Institute for Art History (DUIA) 
  • European School of Economics 
  • European University Institute 
  • Fondazione Sacro Cuore 
  • Free International University of Social Studies 
  • Free University "Maria Santissima Assunta" 
  • Free University Institute "Carlo Cattaneo" 
  • Free University of Bozen 
  • Higher School of University and Advanced Studies Pisa 
  • International Higher School for Advanced Studies Trieste 
  • Johns Hopkins University, SAIS Bologna Center 
  • NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan 
  • Polytechnic Institute of Bari 
  • Polytechnic Institute of Milan 
  • Polytechnic Institute of Turin 
  • Pontifica Università Gregoriana 
  • Pontificia Università Lateranense 
  • Pontificia Università S. Tommaso 
  • Pontificio Ateneo Antonianum 
  • Pontificio Istituto Orientale 
  • School of Education Pisa 
  • Second University of Naples 
  • Third University of Rome 
  • University Institute of Architecture Venice 
  • University Institute of Modern Languages 
  • University Institute of Naval Studies 
  • University Institute of Oriental Studies 
  • University Institute of Teacher Training "Suor Orsola Benincasa" 
  • University of Ancona 
  • University of Aquila 
  • University of Bari 
  • University of Bergamo 
  • University of Bologna 
  • University of Brescia 
  • University of Cagliari 
  • University of Calabria 
  • University of Camerino 
  • University of Cassino 
  • University of Catania 
  • University of Chieti 
  • University of Commerce Luigi Bocconi 
  • University of Ferrara 
  • University of Florence 
  • University of Foggia 
  • University of Gastronomic Sciences 
  • University of Genoa 
  • University of Italian Studies for Foreigners of Perugia 
  • University of Italian Studies for Foreigners of Siena 
  • University of Lecce 
  • University of Macerata 
  • University of Messina 
  • University of Milan 
  • University of Milan - Bicocca 
  • University of Modena 
  • University of Molise 
  • University of Naples Federico II 
  • University of Padua 
  • University of Palermo 
  • University of Parma 
  • University of Pavia 
  • University of Perugia 
  • University of Pisa 
  • University of Reggio Calabria 
  • University of Roma "La Sapienza" 
  • University of Roma "Tor Vergata" 
  • University of Salerno 
  • University of Sannio 
  • University of Sassari 
  • University of Siena 
  • University of Teramo 
  • University of Trento 
  • University of Trieste 
  • University of Turin 
  • University of Udine 
  • University of Urbino 
  • University of Venice 
  • University of Verona 
  • Università Bocconi 
  • Università Pontificia Salesiana 
  • Viterbo State University 
  • Yorker International University, Milano 


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