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Which Social Media Is Right For Your Career

Social Media is talk of the town. If you are not on social media, certainly you will miss on something. However, it’s a most confusing place; your world is limited with 5 inches or less. Android and Internet give a massive boost to social media. People of all categories (all IQ level) have the privilege to meet each other. This is why Social Media is viral. I am not a very social guy, I like keeping things within me. I am not much talkative till it’s not the matter of a debate and winning a competition. However, I am also into social media. Couple times I deleted my social accounts for one reason or the other. But need arises to recreate one again because I need to meet people, my fans and friends.

There are many social media solutions. You can use one for a purpose. However, in my opinion different social media serves to different purposes. Students should be early adopter to social media. A conscious selection of social media is important to build a strong profile. Admission Officers and Recruiters are much likely to scan your social media before making a call. For the benefits of learners and job seekers here I am classifying Social Media Selection For A Career

#1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is good for chit chatting and sending and receiving files. Richard Branson says, “Time is the new money”. I like Google Hangouts because it has fewer distractions. You can do more in less time. What your friends studying in MIT has learnt today? How was the job interview of your best friend with IBM? What questions were asked from a friend during a job Interview for Full Stack Developer? Chat one to one or in groups. Hangout with your pals. You can do all this and share knowledge in least possible time.

#2. Twitter

140 characters are good. Personally I believe twitter is good thing for people willing to make career as Ad Copy Writer. Catchy headlines generate more sales than any sales girl over the counter. Learning is a continuous process. Students need to digest information at very fast paced rate especially those preparing for examination like India Civil Services. You can customize twitter to get news feed and stay up to date with current affairs like Politics and Nature. For example candidates appearing for Civil Services, Banking, NDA and CDS etc can scan news from PIB or some other favorites handle in very less time.

#3 Facebook

Facebook is good for note sharing and group discussion. Create your school or college group or work group. Raise a discussion. You don’t need to stay online to put your opinion around Rocket Science or History or Big Data. Irrespective of what time of the day you go to Facebook you always can read what your friends has learnt and share knowledge, ask questions or create polls and share notes.

#4. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is good for job seekers. Be an early adopter to LinkedIn so by the time you complete college you know about potential employers and how to face interview. Humans learn from experience. LinkedIn is full of Influencers; the likes of Richard Branson and Elon Musk are there. You will learn a lot from industry leaders, recruiters and faculty members. Being an early adopter means you won’t be sort of referrals when applying for a job.

Inside linked you can learn about universities and industries, and also can enhance skills taking new courses from Lynda.Com and SlideShare.Net. Isn’t that awesome?

#5. Google Plus 

Memory Recall is important to excel in examinations and interviews. You took a lesson in Optics or Fedora Linux. How much of this you truly grabbed? Open your Google Plus, Create a Collection and Start writing. You can invite your friends to read from collection, put corrections in the comments below and share with others. Also you can do the same with collections of your friends.

#6. YouTube 

I didn’t dive much deeper in the YouTube world yet. Only I go there when I need to grab a lesson from Khan Academy. This is one example only. YouTube is full of Video Lessons. It’s a blessing. After days long class work in the nights you can browse through YouTube channels and learn more in less time. It’s excellent elearning platform. Teachers from across the world turn to YouTube for lesson delivery.

#7. StumbleUpon 

Stumble Uopn or SU is the collection of Bookmarks. World’s great websites turn to StumbleUpon to increase readership. Much of my interaction with this Social Media Site happen when I was working with Zeddes.Com as Copy Writer. With SU you get loads of worthy information in very less time. Only thing you need to do is, Sign Up and Create your SU Channel.

#8. SoundCloud 

Get maximum benefits from your Android Phone. Go to SoundCloud and listen to your favorite teachers. In case your favorite subject is not there record your own. Sound Cloud is good for public speaking. It’s a podcasting platform. Imagine how cool it would be to practice Public Speaking from the comfort of your bedroom. Create your podcast and listen or record Mathematics Formulae and revise while traveling to college.

9. Instagram 

Want to be a good Graphic Designer? Learn the art and science of graphics from Instagram. Every celebrity is there from fashion and entertainment industry. Also you can create your own Graphics and Share to Instagram. It’s good for candidates looking for a career in design, modeling and movies. You can design aircrafts too. Innovation matters.

10. Pinterest 

Personally I believe Pinterest is good for Architects and Designers. If you are seeking a career in any of these fields turn to Pinterest and Start creating Infographics. I am a Flow Chart person. Infographics works well for Flow Charting; you can put a whole life in a Flow Chart. Mapping is essential to identify missing links, that’s how town planners work.

11. Reddit 

Great discussions happen over great places. Reddit is my preferred social media when I truly don’t know a thing. Raise a discussion and knowledge community from across the world will come forward with opinions. Good for students who have to appear for Group Discussion for MBA Admission etc.

12. HubPages 

Hubpages is great to share some solid knowledge and learn from experts. If you are looking for a career as writer beginning with HubPages will be a cool thing. Authors from across the world turn to Hubpages for sharing knowledge. You can learn a lot over there.

13. GIT HUB  

Computer Science is the future. Are you looking for a career as computer scientist, computer programmer or application developer? Go to GIT Hub and learn from developers and programmers from across how they code. Write your applications and host over GIT Hub.

Build a cool application before you finish college. Employers will love to hire you.

Social Media are many and not limited to above 13 only. Everyone is free to join. Which network you should choose is completely a matter of personal choice. 21st Century is driven by data. Social Media gives a platform to all type of data. What type of information you scan or share is completely your wish. However in this article I tried my best to hack social media for a career.  Let me know in the comments below which social media you use and how?

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