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5 Must To Do Things When Accepted For A Study Abroad Program

Are you accepted in a foreign university / college? Well, journey begins now. It’s time to leave the home, go and explore your world. Your admission date is nearing. You need to report to your college on time, within due date and complete al formalities before university closes admission window. If you are that lucky someone who is accepted in foreign institution, here are 5 must dos before your flying date arrive.

Get Air Ticket

Perhaps you never booked an Ola Cab despite you have iPhone in the pocket as its dad who always pays the bills. It’s your turn now. Check flight schedule; look if some flights are offering cheap tickets to students. Book your International flight.

Hold a moment, check for the following with your flight operator

Luggage Cost: How much luggage your flight allow to carry. Off course you can not overload. Normally all flight operators allow 2 suitcases free. What about extra weight. Check cost. Adjust your luggage accordingly. You can do away with less important things. Indian moms are ahead in stuffing your bag with pickles and sweets. Normally 50 pounds you can carry for free.

Change in Travel Dates: The semesters begin from a fixed date; you can go in scheduled date. But while returning story could be altogether different; semester dates may extend or some other reason you may need to stay back behind schedule. Check with your flight operator if they allows for change in flying schedule free of cost. In otherwise case check for the prices and extra charges if any.

Check For Layover: Flights via certain routes may be cheaper. For examples flights with layovers in US are costlier than those with layover in Europe.

Get a Passport

Do not wait for last minute rush. If your passport is not done yet; apply for the same immediately. Perhaps you have many days in days but who knows about unwanted holidays?

Apply for Study Visa: Inform to the consulate of the country where your institute is situated that you are accepted in a program. Schedule for the Immigration Interview with the visa officer at the earliest. At the time of counseling you may need to show valid passport, letter of acceptance from the college / university, necessary funds or supporting means for during the overseas stay and health certificates etc. For exact requirements, check with the institute’s website and consulate website etc.

Get International Student Identification Card (ISIC)

The International Student Identification Card (ISIC) is a compulsory requirement to enjoy International student status and get some freebies or buy things on budget. In India, you can apply for ISIC with

Get Medical Insurance

Are you insured? Get health insurance for the intended period of stay abroad. This is must for your safety. Also during visa Interview immigration officer will ask for a valid health cover. When buying a health cover look for the following

  • Price of the policy
  • If your institute shall respect the policy in question
  • If this policy will be valid without paying any additional premium in case of additional days of stay.


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