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How to write impressive Statement of Purpose (SoP)

Statement of Purpose (SoP) or Application Essay is most important is the most important part of your application. Admission Officer wants to know why you want to study in one such institution. Do not lie, if you will, admission officer will know and trashcan is always kept next to work desk. A good application essay can open the gates of a foreign school to you.

Let me tell you a story here

A teen boy went for admission to ancient Nalanda University. By the time admission window was already closed. The principal of the school told the boy sorry and for late coming asked him to clean all the desk in the classroom. Boy worked full day hard, in fact very hard, finished the cleaning task and reported to principal. Seeing his work the Principal of the school gave special privilege to this boy and accepted his admission request. Later this boy called Acharya Nagarjuna.

Hope by now you have got it what admission officer look for in your admission application.

By asking simple question through an application essay the admission want to know who are you, how much are you passionate about the institution in question and how are you going to make a difference to the school as a future alumni.

Being rejected for a school does not mean you are not fit for other schools. You are best fit for the one.

There are many individuals and companies involved in helping applicants in writing application essay. But there are no fixed formulae. Success of your application counts on many factors and application essay holds the utmost value. The SOP is window to your personal profile, academic background, achievements, interests and future vision.

Hey, do not tell your admission officer you are looking for a lovely girlfriend / boyfriend from the campus LOL

Recommendations make integral part of a good SoP. Do not bring recommendation from your near and dear ones. Reach to your faculty members and ask for their recommendation. Best recommendations come from the people who do not know you personally but impressed with your work. Also you can count on professional recommendation writers to get some best recommendations. Application Essay is the only document on which you have full control while applying abroad, make best use of it.


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