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College Startups is not a new thing. In India trend is catching very fast. Some start an startup as passion, some as compulsion. Startups and Students are like the two face of same coin. Acquiring education is costly investment. You need  scholarship, loan and part time job to get that lucrative degree that can make you CEO of your future startup. Everyone is not lucky as Mark Zuckerberg as seems for now. But frankly speaking how much grass was greener for Facebook Founder during Harvard days, only he knows the real facts. In short, what we know about facebook is Mark Zuckberg wrote few lines of codes and made a software program to interact with pals and its now called Facebook.

Owing a company, becoming Founder and CEO or President of the X, Y, Z nation or turning philanthropic is in every students' agenda. But many dreams die down either during college or after passing out. Many fails because of proper planning. Of course, during college years, you need to focus on studies and not doing business. But learning is essential both from campus and life. A degree is more important than earning money. Your all focus should be on books, labs and assignments. No need to draw inspiration from Bill Gates or Mukesh Ambani and becoming a college drop out. They succeed who knows by chance or by choice.

Don't dream of becoming a college dropout, its dangerous. Bill Gates is a Harvard Dropout where your application made way direct to the trash cane.

While in college or after passing out, you need money for everything, flying abroad, appearing for job or may be for starting a Startup.

If you manage well few bucks that you get from your parents, scholarships or part time jobs this will make whole lot of difference in your beginning year. Learn small money lesson during the college itself so you can manage well after you pass out.

For the benefits of young budding entrepreneurs and everyone who want to learn I will publish articles in this blog under category "Money"

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