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Work from home jobs for 2018

Spaces are getting narrower,  cost for amenities is rising. A work from home employee cost less to company. There are many jobs,  both small and big companies look to outsource as their cost saving strategy.  Many jobs that need help of a computer and Internet can happen from anywhere. If you are someone looking to work from home here are some job titles, perhaps you will find helpful. Desk Top Publishing Web Application Design Computer Programming Copy Writing Technical Writing Online Tutoring Editing and Proofreading Translation Web Application Testing Search Engine Marketing Android Application Development, Design and Testing iOS Application Development, Design and Testing Social Media Management Email Marketing Product Design Blogging Affiliate Marketing Online Product Selling Tutoring Reviewing software product and books This list is indicative only.  You can find many such job titles. For beginners there are places like Upwork,  People Per Hour,  Freelancer.c

Manage The Mighty Money

College Startups is not a new thing. In India trend is catching very fast. Some start an startup as passion, some as compulsion. Startups and Students are like the two face of same coin. Acquiring education is costly investment. You need  scholarship, loan and part time job to get that lucrative degree that can make you CEO of your future startup. Everyone is not lucky as Mark Zuckerberg as seems for now. But frankly speaking how much grass was greener for Facebook Founder during Harvard days, only he knows the real facts. In short, what we know about facebook is Mark Zuckberg wrote few lines of codes and made a software program to interact with pals and its now called Facebook.

How much your time worth

So you are in college and looking for part time job? Great, you are awesome. Whether you are high school graduate, a collegiate or just unemployed and looking to grab an opportunity DO NOT PANIC. Many suffer with Job Search Syndrome. I double up as blogger and freelance digital content producer. Also at times I get panicked. A decision taken in hurry or when we feel like to grab anything costs us dearly. We pay in terms of time and health.

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