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Boost Your IQ, Raise Your EQ, Stay Smart

Dear friends, this blog cares about your career i.e. education, training and job need or earning money. As you know in the words of William Shakespeare "health is wealth". Everyone is born same but some people rise in life while other lag behind. This happens irrespective of academic qualification, social challenges and other shortcomings. Those who rise in life are intelligent, smart and full of energy, they own a die hard attitude. Successful does not mean owing loads of money. However, successful people have it in plenty. No, money does not bring happiness but the commodities that come for money makes the difference. When you have it you live a peaceful life, you think out of the box, you are ready to take risks. You are courageous. Courage is the enemy of all shortcomings. But have money in your pocket you need to learn and earn smartly.

To be successful you need to perform better in academics, jobs and whatever you do. You need to maintain very high level of positive attitude. In my personal opinion, I suppose, positive attitude is a well mix of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ). Look the people around you who are successful or to who you consider as successful. Make a list of 5 and compare everything about them; living style, age, sex, height, weight, academic qualification, eating habits etc. Observe those peoples' behavior or take clues from the past.  You will notice a common trend in all those that they are unmoved in toughest circumstances, they react to the situations differently even in ugliest of the times and this is what make them successful, and separate from others.

Observe the life of greats; Albert Einstein, Dr Srinivas Ramanujan, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Gandhiji, Martin Luther King Jr. Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Sir Richard Branson or any. You will observe one thing common in all those: they all have own shortcomings but intelligent.

To do business you need to be outspoken. Heck, Founder of Tesla Motors Elon Musk is an introvert.
To sale you need MBA degree. Sir Richard Branson is high school pass.
President Barak Obama is a legal professional by qualification he may have earned whole lot of money as practicing lawyer without joining politics.
Stephen Hawking is wheel chair bound and he is one of the world's top physicist, cosmologist and author.
Gandhiji never topped in school but world is busy researching about Gandhian Thoughts.
Thomas Alva Edisosn was a telegraph operator and he has the credit of creating first industrial research laboratory.

Intelligence does not come from outside. It is inside everyone. What makes the difference is how we use our intelligence to circumstances. To rise in academics, jobs and life we need to maintain the overall well being of self which may come from doing things rightly. What are those things and how to work on them will be discussed in this blog under IQ/EQ category.

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