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Why MBA from UK is worth doing

Are you looking to join an MBA school abroad? Then MBA from one of the UK’s business schools is worth having. There are many benefits that you get while studying MBA in UK. I did the round of many internet databases to extract best possible information that can help you in your MBA pursuit.

High school graduate era has long gone, it’s the time leverage your LinkedIn Resume with a masters degree before applying for a job interview. Despite interview questions and whatever you answer during admission time testing (viva voce), the honest reality is a large part of students study in MBA schools in hope of getting a job. And why not, education is an investment. If there is no ROI then why should someone interest in it. As Rahul Bajaj, CEO and MD of Bajaj Scooters summed up in sometime way back in 2007 in an editorial of times of India ‘education is costly investment’.

Pursuing MBA from overseas require much expenditures and much time staying away from home country. Here are some added benefits that you will get if invest in Study MBA in UK program.

Did you know???
The UK’s MBA School Graduates get high pay package in the industry and access to global job market.

Recruiters look for very high level of talent and skill sets in new business managers. When hiring, many a times its tough to find a potential candidate truly worth for the organization. As Founder of Ford Motor company sums it up well. During a recruitment drive, while hiring from India, he told, ‘there is no shortage of human resources, there is shortage of eligible human resources.’

Industry wants to pay handsome salary to handsome people. An MBA from UK found best fit in this space. The business schools of United Kingdom are believed to be designed so as to nurture best talent. When you pursue an MBA from UK you need to put 100% efforts in place and not 99 or 98%. Candidates who put half hearted efforts during coursework do not find space in the benches of classrooms very next day.

Some of the best business schools in United Kingdom for MBA are:

  • London Business School
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Lancaster University Management School
  • Cranfield School of Management
  • Imperial College Business School
  • Manchester Business School
  • Warwick Business School
A Business Degree from UK is consider smarter Return on Investment

Doing MBA from UK is a costly affair. Course fee is high part because UK’s cities are costly and part because UK’s MBA programs are of one year duration. That means double the course and double the fees also. You need to complete two year course work in one year time. Also fee is not roughly equivalent to what 2 year MBA programs charge.

According to Association of MBAs, MBA graduates from UK with AMBA accreditation receives maximum average wage in the UK since 2004 and some 11% graduates are receiving more than 70K pounds. Also, the candidates with MBA degree receives 25% higher wage right after leaving college.

You cannot MBA from UK as a passport to lavish lifestyle, those who are successful has already sweated it out.

Making through MBA schools in UK requires you qualification in GMAT, right set of under graduate qualification and work experience may be upto 3 years. If you are planning to apply in one of the UK’s business school check for eligibility criteria etc with respective MBA school website. Admission criteria may differ for different schools.

GMAT is eligibility test for admission into MBA schools. Anyone can write GMAT, however success into qualifying test and then further admission into an MBA School in UK needs rigorous preparation and commitment towards completion of coursework.


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