Which programming language you should learn in 2018

Programming languages are many. Chosing a suitable one is vital towards your success in career and life. Yes, you heard it right. Learning a programming lesson allows you to think critically, take risks and make decisions. At this point of time in India, students are in rush for college admission. Some prefer to go for professional courses like engineering, or law. Others may for courses that are much classroom oriented like history or literature.

Every subject taught in the college has potential to make you a living. However availability of manpower varies. Let's consider computers, advertise for a post of computer operator or HTML programmer, I am sure you will get 1000s of resumes in a day. However, if you need talent in specialties like softlayer cloud, you have to search and wait for right talent to find your advert. Anyway that is matter of popularity and availability.
You need an skill, may to add it to your resume or make a full time living out of it.
Computers are taking place of humans everywhere. Rather in the explored planets they are reaching before humans truly reach. I am afraid if Mars will have colony of computers bigger than a colony of humans.
Everyone should learn computers and how to program them. Programming languages are many but every language is not job oriented, not because its has flaws but because we are advanced in technological know how. Learning any language is good but if you are looking for a computer skill that may help you to make a living out of it, you have to go with the industry standard.
Which programming language you should lean in 2017 depends on what you want to make out of it?
To help in chosing a suitable programming language here given list of professions and appropriate language
Web Development: PHP, C, JAVA, JAVA Script, C++ , Python, Ruby
Game Development: JAVA, Python, Ruby, C# , C, C++
Mobile App Development: C# , C++ . JAVA
Data Analysis: R, Pythn, MATLAB
Embedded System Programming: C, C++ . Python
Those of you want to experiment with different career skills may learn C++ or Python. Both these langauges are flexible and you can shift between career like Game Development or Data Analysis.
Many colleges run add courses to make you computer literate. As your college if if teaches one such a programming language. If not also you can learn programming from a privately run institute or through online.

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