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5 Ways Dictionaries help in learning language skills

Planning to study abroad? In foreign settings language of instruction is English. If English is not your first language, colleges ask you for score in English proficiency like TOEFL Score, IELTS Score etc. Tests like GRE, SAT General, GMAT etc has English Section to measure your English Language proficiency.

Indian Student are average in English. Normally everyone in India either speak or understand some level of English. A standardized test in English like TOEFL measures whether you would be able to survive in English environment and complete coursework. That’s why test has listening and speaking section. To learn better English dictionaries comes handy.

Here are 5 ways dictionaries help you master language skills

1. Pronunciation
Correct word pronunciation is essential for proper communication. Letters and symbols give you an about how to pronounce a word. However, in English, in some words letters are silent in pronunciation or sounds differently. For example, in word ‘buffet’ e and t are silent, it pronounced as buffa. A person to whom is not first language may not know such tricks, but dictionaries tells you actually how to pronounce a word.

2. Definition and Translations

Dictionaries tells you meanings of words. In English, a word may have multiple meanings. For example word ‘engaged’ means someone is busy with doing something or a couple are set to marry. English has many such words and meaning depends on context and situation.

3. Spelling

In English some time pronunciation of letters changes to some different sounds. For example in in word buffet e and t together sounds like a. Word is pronounced as Buffa and not buffet. So knowing pronunciation of letters and symbols does not guarantee that you will pronounce all words correctly. Also some words are very complex, for example;  honorificabilitudinitatibus. A dictionary tells you, how to pronounce words.

4. Grammar

In any language, learning grammar is toughest part. However, if you give attention since beginning, doing things correctly will be your habit. Learning grammar is like learning traffic rules. You have to obey traffic so as you have to obey rules of grammar. Dictionary tells you correct use of words in permutations and combinations of other words. For example, your and you're are easily mistaken for one another but actually fall into improper grammar if used incorrectly.
Your is possessive so it would mean "that is your phone".
You're is short for "you are" so you would say "you're getting a phone"

5. Examples

Often, beginners suffer with correct use of words in a given situation. However a dictionary tells you with examples how to make use of words.

If English is not your first language, buy a good bilingual dictionary. And once you have grasp of it, move to next level and practice with English-English dictionary. You can buy a good dictionary from Amazon or download Dictionary app in your android or iphone. Also there are many websites to teach you Free Online English or ask for some bucks.


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