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Computer Science as a Study Discipline

Computers are seen in every pocket today. The earlier computers that were big enough to take of the space of a big room size now adjust within jeans pocket. You can do a lot using computers. To me computer means a small gadget that works on battery and obey your fingers and voice commands till it has sufficient power to run. Computers are machines of different shapes and sizes to work on demand for you.

Now let me draw a fine line between computer courses and computer science.

Computer courses are the methodologies to learn how computer works. The methods through which you can play with different computer parts and programs.

Computer sciences is the systematic way of instructing a computer program to behave the way want so as to get the desired results.

In United States many experts questions is computer science is a science? Yes, it is. What you study till higher grade is arts of playing with computers. But if you study the subject at college and university level, of course it’s a science. Obviously it is way dissimilar than physical sciences. In my opinion anything that can bring innovations in any form and can be expressed in terms of numbers is a science. Please mind the gap computers work with numbers aka binary.

Now coming to the main point Computer Science as a study discipline…………..

Computer science as a study discipline taught in academia through science and engineering departments of colleges and universities.

Some popular courses offered as part of computer science or computer science and engineering are

  • B.Sc. – Bachelor of Science
  • B.S. – Bachelor of Science
  • M.Sc.  – Master of Science
  • MS – Master of Science
  • B.E. Bachelor in Engineering
  • B.Tech – Bachelor of Technology
  • M.E. – Master in Engineering
  • M.Tech – Master of Technology
  • B.Sc IT Bachelor of Science Information Technology
  • MSc IT Master of Science Information Technology
  • MCA – Master in Computer Applications
Engineering Colleges, NITs, IITs, NITs, Universities and Colleges are top institutes to offer computer science courses. You can obtain a degree / diploma / certificate or online degree in computer science.
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