English Language as a study discipline

English Language has its origin in Anglo-Saxon dialect. Originated in Anglo-Saxon England, it’s also called Western Germanic Language. It is evident that Germanic settlers and Roman Auxiliary troops bring English to the Britain from different geographies, which are now known as North – West Germany and Northern Netherlands. English is first language for huge masses in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and Anglophone Caribbean.
Many world-class organizations prefer communication in English language; some of these are United Nations Organizations (UNO), World Trade Organizations (WTO), and International Monetary Fund (IMF) etc. The course instructions in technical and medical programs across the globe are provided in English.

English is used as second language officially in India. Government Offices work both at national and state level is generally carried out in English, including national language Hindi, and / or regional language like, Gujarati, Marathi Etc. English is second language recognized by the constitution of India for official communication. It is widely preferred for business communication as well. In Indian School Curriculum both national and state, English as a subject is generally taught right from the pre primary standards and in some cases introduced from junior classes onwards. Course instruction in schools, colleges and universities is provided in English as well as in other mediums too like Hindi, Gujarati etc. Students are given clear choice in which they wish to pursue the course.

Instruction for technical and medical and law courses is generally provided in English. English Language is also taught as Compulsory subject in school settings till a child completes class 10th standard examination. However, in class 11, and 12 English is taught as Compulsory / Elective subject. Students those pursue further studies in English language at college and university level receives degrees like Bachelor in Arts (B.A.), Master in Arts (M.A.), Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) etc. English can be studied with a bunch of other subjects at college level. 

English Language is one of the most demanding subjects among students of colleges and universities. Since business communications are preferred in English everyone wants to learn English language so as to fulfill minimal communication needs to fit in work place. A degree in English language makes you eligible to work with different government, and private agencies in different capacities.

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