Visual Arts as a subject

Any sort of Work visual in nature, for example, photography, drawing, painting, filmmaking etc lies within the domain of Visual Arts. The arts that include three-dimensional objects like textile arts, performing arts, language arts etc comes under plastic arts category.
A person who studies visual arts is called visual artist. The current uses of the term “visual arts” comprise fine arts and crafts. Before the arts and crafts movement in 20th century a visual artist was considered as person working in the fine arts area like painting, sculpture, and filmmaking. In those times handicraft, craft and applied arts discipline were not included within visual arts category.

The educational institutes teaching arts and crafts differentiate between fine arts and crafts in such a manner that a craft person could not be considered as a practitioner of art. Visual Arts is considered as one of the most important subject in educational system.

The visual arts associate rich history with it. During Middle Ages there were only seven arts categories, i.e., grammar, rhetoric, dialectic logic, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music. Following are given some forms of visual arts- 
            Architecture – The design and construction of buildings and other physical structure by a person or computer to provide shelter is called Architecture.

            Drawing – The art or practice of representing an entity or outlining a shape, diagram or sketch using lines, straight, or curved or both are called design. 

           Painting – Making picture on a surface by means of brush and paints is called painting.

          Photography- The technique of making picture of an object on a photosensitive surface is called photography.

    Filmmaking – The procedure of making a film on a story is called filmmaking. The art of filmmaking involves script writing, editing, shooting and sending it to the audience.

           Printmaking- the art design and preparation of prints as silk screens or woodcuts is called printmaking.

           Decorative Arts- In this category of arts form comes the arts of ceramics, furniture and interior design, jewelry design, metal craft and woodwork. 

            Educational institutes teach visual arts right from the school days, the formal education in visual arts normally starts with the learning of how to paint using brush and paints, which expands further as a student promotes in class standard. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) teaches painting, graphics, sculpture and commercial art as separate subject for class 11th and 12th students. Universities offer various courses in visual arts disciplines and awards degrees like Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate etc. Training in different forms of visual arts is also provided as part time courses or hobby classes.  

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