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Performing Arts as a study discipline

The various forms of arts, viz; dance, drama, music, etc, plays on stage in front of audience, are called performing arts. In performing arts, people use own body to present some sense in front of the audience. Performing arts comprise the dance, music, opera, theater, and circus etc. The people who perform these arts are called Artists or Performers. Professionals like actors, comedians, dancers, musicians, and singers come under the profession of performing arts and in broader terms called Artists. Professionals in the related field like songwriter, and stagecraft etc supports the performing arts. Performers repeatedly adjust their appearance, for instance with costumes and stage makeup, etc.
Music, Theater and Dance are some most popular form of Performing Arts. In a specialized form of Fine Art, the Artist perform live to audience, this is called Performance Art. All three forms of Performing Arts and Performance Art are taught in educational settings. Staring from schools to graduate studies to post doctoral research training at all level is available in performing art category. All the three categories i.e. music, theatre, and dance are taught as separate academic disciplines.

Music as an academic discipline trains students in two distinct areas- 1. Music Performance, which focuses on the orchestra and the concert hall, and 2. Music Education, which mainly focuses on training of music teachers. The students of music learn playing instruments, and study subjects like music theory, musicology, history of music and composition.

Theater trains narrative skills, that is, how to act in front of audience using speech, gesture, music, dance, sound and spectacle, etc.

Under dance academic discipline students are taught how to entertain audience using body language. What comprises dance depends on social, cultural, aesthetic artistic and moral restraints and varies from functional movement (such as Folk dance) to codified, virtuoso techniques such as ballet. The art of making dances is called Choreography and the person who does this is called Choreographer.

In India, institutes like National School of Drama, Stayajit Ray Institute of Film and Television, Lalit Kala Academy and National Institute of Film and Television and many others are actively involved in imparting training in performing arts and performance arts.


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