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Philosophy as a study discipline

The question, what is philosophy is difficult to answer. Even philosophers (the people who study philosophy) not agree upon a single answer or view. However, philosopher agrees on, the word Philosophy is originated from Greek, which means “Love of Wisdom”, and so do we.  Philosophy is defined by a goal and a method. Unlike other fields of study where a particular subject is studied about particular things philosophy questions the credentials, the authority of how it all fits together. Philosophy is a bridge between body and mind; it’s for curious minds those who want to establish interrelations between two odd areas of study. 
If you are the kind of individual who wish to know how physics is related to psychology or how minds and bodies are related then philosophy makes the right choice of study discipline for you. You can study any subject area under the name of philosophy. Philosophy includes many sub fields; for example,

Philosophy of Art
Philosophy of Music
Philosophy of Genetics
Philosophy of Mathematics
Philosophy of Human Behavior
Philosophy of Laws
Philosophy of Physics
Philosophy of Existence
Philosophy of Literature
Philosophy of Culture
Philosophy of Genre



And least but not lost Philosophy of Everything

Yes, Philosophy of everything or philosophy of anything, you can study what you want under the name philosophy, that’s the magic of philosophy. Even you can study Philosophy of Philosophy, seems great choice???.

 To sum up we can say Philosophy is a quest for a pervasive indulgent of human reality. The philosophy serves the purpose to reflect on the logical account of reasonable conjecture, human values, and criterion for setting up avers of knowledge and without doubt, and explanation of the nature of reality. The philosophy prepares you for careers in fields where the ability to analyze problems and the ability to think and write clearly are needed.

    The skills learned through the learning of philosophy can be applicable in any area of life. Philosophy covers whole lot of subjects and methods learnt in philosophy are useful in all fields of life. Lets have a peak on what we learn in the learning of philosophy, be it philosophy of learning or philosophy of philosophy.

Broadly spoken, the study of philosophy enhances General Problem Solving Skills, Communication Skills, Persuasive Power, and Writing Skills. Logic, ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, and the history of philosophy are some of the traditional branches of Philosophy. Further many branches of philosophy have grown from the traditional core areas, for example, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Art, Inductive Logic, Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of History, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of Feminism, Philosophy of Linguistics, Philosophy of Criticism, Philosophy of Culture, Philosophy of Film, and Many More

 Philosophy is the organized study of ideas and issues, a logical detection of deep-seated facts, a pursuit for all-inclusive understanding of the world, a study of doctrine of conduct, and much more. People who do research work in the areas of Philosophy are called philosophers. Following are given some statement by some of the world acclaimed philosophers-

    All men by nature desire to know... It is owing to their wonder that men both now begin and at first began to philosophize.     –Aristotle

    What is the use of studying philosophy if all that it does for you is to enable you to talk with some plausibility about some abstruse questions of logic, etc., and if it does not improve your thinking about the important questions of everyday life...?
    -Ludwig Wittgenstein

   All our dignity lies in thought. Let us strive, then, to think well.     -Blaise Pascal

        There is nothing more wholesome for us than to find problems that quite transcend our powers.     -C.S. Peirce

    Philosophic study means the habit of always seeing an alternative.     -William James

    Philosophy recovers itself when it ceases to be a device for dealing with the problems of philosophers and becomes a method, cultivated by philosophers, for dealing with the problems of men.     -John Dewey

    Thre can be no successful democratic society till general education conveys a philosophic outlook.     -Alfred North Whitehead

    Philosophy is to be studied, not for the sake of any definite answers to its questions since no definite answers can, as a rule, be known to be true, but rather for the sake of the questions themselves.     -Bertrand Russell

I am uneasy to think I approve of one object, and disapprove of another; call one thing beautiful, and another deformed; decide concerning truth and falsehood, reason and folly, without knowing upon what principles I proceed.     -David Hume

    It is absolutely correct and proper to say that 'You can't do anything with philosophy.'...granted that we cannot anything with philosophy, might not philosophy, if we concern ourselves with it, do something with us?     -Martin Heidegger

    There is but one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide. Judging whether life is or is not worth living amounts to answering the fundamental question of philosophy.     -Albert Camus

    I try to challenge what we assume. Philosophers should not only interpret our beliefs; when they are false they should change them.     -Derek Parfit

    Philosophy ought to question the basic assumptions of the age. Thinking through, critically and carefully, what most people take for granted is, I believe, the chief task of philosophy and it is this task that makes philosophy a worthwhile activity.
    -Peter Singer

    To teach how to live without certainty and yet without being paralysed by hesitation is perhaps the chief thing that philosophy, in our age, can do for those who study it.
    -Bertrand Russell

Philosophy as a study discipline can be pursued from college level onwards. Student who studies philosophy at college receive Bachelor in Arts (BA) degree and who completes postgraduate studies in philosophy receives Master in Arts (MA) degree. Some of them further studies in philosophy at research level and earns degrees like Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Post Doctoral Degrees etc.
The contribution of philosophers is well known to the world. Following is given list of some world acclaimed philosophers.

Indian Philosophers

•    Abhinavagupta
•    Acharya Hemachandra
•    Acharya Nagarjuna
•    Acyutananda
•    Akeel Bilgrami
•    Akka Mahadevi
•    Anandavardhana
•    Asanga
•    Asaram Bapu
•    Pandurang Shastri Athavale

•    Basava
•    Vinoba Bhave
•    Bodhananda Swamikal
•    Bodhidharma
•    Bodhiruci
•    Gautama Buddha

•    C. T. K. Chari
•    Cārvāka

•    Dada Dharmadhikari
•    Dadu Dayal
•    Bhagwan Das
•    Vijaya Dasa
•    Dignāga
•    Dnyaneshwar

•    Arun Manilal Gandhi
•    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
•    Sunanda Gandhi
•    Ghosha
•    Gopala Dasa
•    Guru Muni Narayana Prasad

•    I. K. Taimni
•    Indian philosophy

•    Jagannatha Dasa
•    Jaimini
•    Jayanta Bhatta
•    Jayarāśi Bhaṭṭa

•    Kabir
•    Bhau Kalchuri
•    Kanada
•    Deepak Kumar (historian)
•    Kumārila Bhatta

•    Lopamudra

•    Madhurastakam
•    Madhvacharya
•    Gagangiri Maharaj
•    Maharshi Kapila
•    Maitreyi
•    Makkhali Gosala
•    Mandana Miśra
•    Protap Chunder Mozoomdar
•    Radhakamal Mukerjee

•    Nagarjuna
•    Narayana Guru
•    Nataraja Guru
•    Nimbarka

•    George Padamadan
•    Pakudha Kaccayana
•    Padmanabhan Palpu
•    P. Parameswaran
•    Patañjali
•    Pillai Lokacharya
•    Prabhākara

•    Purana Kassapa

•    Ramanuja

•    Sanjaya Belatthaputta
•    Sarkar's Linguistic Concepts and Criteria
•    Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar
•    Sahotra Sarkar
•    Ramjee Singh
•    Shakuntala Singh
•    Swami Sahajanand Saraswati
•    Swami Sri Lilashahji Maharaj
•    Syed Aqeel-ul-Gharavi
•    Syntipas

•    Debendranath Tagore
•    Tiruvalluvar

•    Udyotakara
•    Ulloor S. Parameswara Iyer
•    Utpaladeva

•    Gargi Vachaknavi
•    Vallabha Acharya
•    Vasubandhu
•    J. P. Vaswani
•    Vijnanabhiksu
•    Vyasa
•    Vyasanakere Prabhanjanacharya
•    Vyasatirtha

•    Yajnavalkya

•    Śābara
•    Śālikanātha
•    Śāntaraksita

List of Some World Famed Philosophers (India Exclusive)

St Augustine
St Anselm
Duns Scotus
William of Ockham
Rene DESCARTES: The father of modern philosophy.
Karl Marx
J.S. Mill
Frege: Most important logician since Aristotle.


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