Sculpture as a study discipline

The artwork produced using three-dimensional objects by shaping or combining hard or plastic material, sound, or text or light is known as Sculpture. Sometimes sculptures are made directly by carving or finding other times assembled, built up and fired, cast, molded or welded. Persons who make sculptures are called sculptor. Sculpture is supposed as plastic art as it can be molded or modulated. The majority of public art is considered as sculpture. Sometimes sculpture is classified on the basis of place where it is placed, like many sculptures placed in a garden can be said as Garden Sculpture.
A sculpture can be made from any of the Inorganic or Organic substance. The process of sculpture making can be classified according to material used - stone, metal, clay, and wood; and the method used like carving, modeling, and casting. The sculpture making techniques broadens enormously in 20th century and enriched with new techniques like welding and assemblage, and by new materials like neon tubing.

In academic settings sculpture is taught right from schools. Certificate courses and part time courses are also offered. Universities offer graduate and post graduate programs in Sculpture through faculty of Arts. 

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