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13 tips to survive job recession

You lost your job?  Congrats!!!
If you will die because of job loss I will come with flowers on your funeral.  You love scents of flowers.  Sadly you won't be alive to feel the aroma.  But guests at your funeral will enjoy its fragrance.  Blame our nostrils,  we will be sad in your absence but your dead body won't give any hope so we will burry it and embrace the flowers.  Fragrance is alive it gives hope.
No body ever die because of job loss so you also not.
Accirding to latest media news 50000 telecome sector employees in India may loss job and next could be you.
After losing a job negative thoughts are obvious but you should be life ready and only job ready.  If you loss your job embrace it and move on with a smile.  Rebegin,  rebuild,  restart.

Here are few tips to survive a job loss

1. Learn New Skills
See market trends what sells there.  Learn those skills.  It's not must that you will get new job in the same sector from where you lost.

2. Start a small business
Do not spend your savings.  Indeed find a product that has demand in market but may be in short supply.  Start selling.  Do alpha testing,  try selling couple of products and fix on one from which you can make better money in less time and efforts.

3. Celebrate your job loss
People do not like mourning. So not your friends and family.  You have lost a job and  not the world.  Celebrate.  You can do it on budget.  Everyone will know you are a free bird now.  An opportunity may come your way.

4. Cut expenses
Charity begins from home.  Cut your expenses first,  your wife and children will know.  Don't scold them for money.  Indeed ask for support.  You can tell them to not use car for few days till you set a new source of earning.  Believe me everyone will support you.

5. Do not give ears to gossips
Gossip mongers like to defame you.  Your job loss will be masala news among neighbors and relatives.  Do not react,  let them speak.  What are you going to loss if someone speaks ???

6. Update your resume
Apply for a new job.  Set for the less. Grab a job so you do not need to spend professional savings. However sign agreement with care.  Hire a professional.  If you are setting for less notice period shall not be more than one or two months.

7. Volunteer
Finding a reliable NGO is a nightmare.  If you find one,  good,  else give training to people in your community of what you know or volunteer for a cause like cleaning,  hygiene,  environments or anything within your reach.

8. Seek help
Do not be shy in telling,  you lost your job.  Family and friends will support you. Seeking help is good choice.  Everyone needs help,  you are not one.

9. Do not borrow money
When you borrow money creditors will come to your doorstep asking for repayment. Do not do that.

10. Borrow ideas
Every idea is worth if implemented with care.  Go to market places.  See what you can sell,  an skill or a product.  Go early instead of waiting for a new job coming your way.  Perhaps you may grab a job too.  Stay energetic,  stay blessed.

11. Makeover your resume
If you cannot write take help of a resume writing service. 

12. Follow your passion
Love swimming???  Go for it.  It's time to enjoy some freeness instead of being an obedient Alsatian.

13. Travel
How long gone when you met your childhood friend.  Go,  meet,  share memories.  Do not make them sad by showing your horse like face but be true and politely inform about your job loss.  Perhaps you will get a reference.

If you are fired,  this does not necessarily you incompetent,  reinvent,  discover yourself,  carry a positive attitude,  finding new job is not really tough.  Yes,  it takes time and efforts sometime less other times more.  Patience and determination are the keys in the hard times. 


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