Google IT Support Professional Certificate

Are you looking for Job in IT Support? Are you job ready? Perhaps you are or may be or may be not. But companies look for seal, your skills are under utilized without a seal. In my opinion university degree is not important to everyone, if university degree so costly why to earn it.

To make is you job ready, Google has started a course Google IT Support Professional Certificate and this course is part of Grow with Google

Join this course and get Job Ready in 2018

My personal opinion 

This course is not going to make you a millionaire. If you are IT savvy and need a job in IT its good for college pass-outs and and alike. If you are looking for a good steady job lean something that sells. The IT Support Job is not long lived. The skills that you learn today get older in a matter of 3 months to  years. This course is good for starters but not to someone looking to make a steady income.

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