Why hawkers are not restricted from nearby schools

Is eating healthy not part of school curriculum

Kids are national asset.
Do we leave our personal assets on open streets? No!
Then how come we can leave our national asset unguarded; if we do, that's cruel.
See any school building in India, outside its gates you will found hawkers selling food items.
I have nothing against hawkers, they are (perhaps) poor people and make both ends meet by selling eatables to hungry kids. But but wait a moment, Kids are national asset, hawkers are menace. So what we need to protect truly, national asset or menace?
Certainly our answer will be previous one. And if that is the case we need to protect our kids from bad food. Whether hawkers earn or not by selling eatables but certainly we loss huge sum owing to bad health of our kids.
Food sold on open streets is not a thing to eat. But our kids eat the same food everyday. What about their well being? How can we expect our kids to be champions when we cannot teach them good eating habits.
Kids are kids you cannot restrict them. But hawkers are grown up, they must be deflected away from nearby school premises. We cannot let our kids eat a food full of flies.

Kids need food too

After a six to eight hour of school any kids stomach will want food. They will eat whatever they will get. Some schools may have canteen but those eateries are also in pathetic conditions. The conditions of eateries must need to be improved. In addition, outside schools government require to set op Kiosks selling healthy foods. This way on one hand some people will get organized work while our kids will get something good to eat when in hunger.

Health is Wealth is not only good in books, its good on real grounds too. Let's take the first step in nation building. Let's teach them to eat healthy, play heartily and be a winner.

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