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How to get job in a dream company without a degree from a top school

Everyone is not fortunate enough to get schooled from a top school in the world. Any big company that you dreamt of hire from well known schools. When a candidate not get admission in a top school he / she decides to settle for the less. Looking for a job that give you livelihood is not a bad idea but giving up is truly bad. You need to explore other ways to get job in your dream company without a degree from top school or no degree at all. You can do with generous efforts.  Here are ways to get your dream job. 1. Every big company has a hiring page on its website. They know talent is everywhere.  If you have real talent they will like to hire you. 2. Check for open positions in your area of interests.  Know what they look for in a candidate for the said position. 3. May you have some skills but not all,  right. 4. Find a training program to learn those skills. 5. Polish your skills by options for internship in any company that can offer you similar portfolio or where your skills

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