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Delhi University set to offer baccalaureate honours degrees

Beginning July 2013 academic session, the Delhi University (DU) will offer combined undergraduate programs. The traditional BA, B.Com and B.Sc classification will be dispensed. Now students will be available to choose from mixed disciplines of science, arts and commerce altogether. Students applying for under graduate studies will choose from Discipline I and Discipline II.
While Discipline I will fetch an honors degree at the end of 4 years, students will be eligible to take up a master's course in their Discipline II subjects as well.

The 4 year degree program comprises Discipline I and Discipline II papers; 11 foundation course papers and 5 application course papers. Discipline I will have two project-based research papers to be pursued only by those who continue in the fourth year of degree — the seventh and eighth semesters.

In Discipline I which start from the 1st semester there will be 20 papers. From 3rd semester Discipline II courses will start. English and Modern language will make part of Foundation course. Under value-based-education there will be two papers on mind-body-heat and there will be no exams for these papers.

"There will be 20 Discipline I papers in all and they will start right from the first semester. Discipline II courses will start from the third semester. The foundation course will include one paper each on English and a modern Indian language. There will be two papers on 'mind-body-heat', which is value-based education and there will be no exams for these paper. The whole idea is to offer course in line with international universities. Under new scheme students will be allowed to complete college studies in cross disciplines for example a student of biology will be able to sociology as part of graduate studies.

Foundation courses will also be more enriching and will focus on personality development, IT skills, mathematical training and social developments. On completion of 4 years, a student will be awarded a baccalaureate with honours. However, there shall be two exit options, on completion of 2 years a associate baccalaureate degree will be awarded and completion of 3 years a baccalaureate degree will be awarded.