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Jamia Millia Islamia: Distance Learning Program Admission 2014

The DLP i.e. Distance Learning Program "Admission 2014" is already on schedule. A total of 21 Under Graduate, Post Graduate, Diploma and Certificate programs are on offer. All programs on are approved by education and industry body for pursuing further education and applying for job. Following courses are offered: 1. M.A. – English (MEG) 2. M.A. – Hindi (MHD) 3. M.A. – Sociology (MAS) 4. M.A. – History (MAH) 5. M.A. – Human Resource Management ( MHRM ) 6. M.A. – Public Administration (MAPA) 7. M.A. – Political Science (MAPS) 8. Master in Commerce (M.Com.) 9. M.A. – Education (MAE) 10. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) 11. Bachelor of Arts (General) 12. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) 13. Bachelor of International Business & Finance (BIBF) 14. Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) 15. Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance & Counselling (PGDGC) 16. Post Graduate Diploma in Geoinformatics (PGDGI) 17. Diploma in Electrical Engineering (DEE) 18. **Diploma in Power Generation Engineeri

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