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Monday, December 4, 2017


Fuel is a substance that can supply energy alone or upon reaction with some other substance. Fuel when provide energy also produced heat which is measured in Calories. An ideal fuel should posses the following properties –

1. It should possess high calorific value.

2. It should have proper ignition temperature. The ignition temperature of the fuel should neither be too low nor too high.

3. It should not produce poisonous products during combustion. In other words, it should not cause pollution o combustion.

4. It should have moderate rate of combustion.

5. Combustion should be easily controllable i.e., combustion of fuel should be easy to start or stop as and when required.

6. It should not leave behind much ash on combustion.

7. It should be easily available in plenty.

8. It should have low moisture content.

9. It should be cheap.

10. It should be easy to handle and transport.

Calorific Value - The amount of heat produced by the complete combustion of a material or fuel. Measured in units of energy per amount of material, e.g. kJ/kg.