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How To Revise For Board Exams In Two Months Time

March is the time in India when teens write Class 12th and Class 10th examination with whole lot of expectations. Every eyes in the school campus say, few more days and I will be free bird, I will get to a new campus, my time is coming to enjoy college life and perhaps I will locate to a new city. Some students have fixed target to get into Engineering Physics, or become an astronaut and some other has in target to join a particular college in any study stream. Everyone has some expectation from the self to achieve, may be; certain percentage or grade point in board exam and then set for a new career.

How much percentage of marks you will gain in board exams depends on many factors. One of the top most factor is how much of a study subject you remember on the exam day and how you answer questions. Those who revise better are prepared better. Two months from now on you will be writing Board Examinations for Class 12 and Class 10th. Considering, you have studied well throughout the year, this is the time for introspection of your studies. Pick a sheet of paper and pencil and ask yourself following questions?

1. How much percentage of syllabus I had studied well in each subject?
2. What is the subject area in which I am weak?
3. How much weightage each chapter of a subject has in examination and how I am into it?
4. Do I have previous years unsolved papers / solved papers for taking mock tests?
5. Whether my school / coaching school shall conduct mock test well before exam? 

Note: CBSE Board used to take Pre Board before actual examination. I don't know about other boards in detail. The purpose of pre board is testing students in exam like conditions if they are prepared. Whether your school conduct mock test or not, you can take as many mock test as you wish from previous years question papers or can design your own paper and attempt it under examination conditions.

6. How many hours I waste per day in playing GTA Games or over Facebook?

Be religious, Facebook messages shall remain in your inbox even after examination. You can do it 15 minutes a day but religiously. If you can't resist the urge for chit chatting, give away your android phone to your parents and keep a basic type phone for important calls.

Believe it or not; I do not use Smartphone yet.

7. Do I have a revision plan in place? If not make it now. Set a timeline and study schedule.

8. How do I know my  level of preparation?

9. What if I am extremely weak on a subject or subject area?

Now let's look back from the above in orderlies manner:

1. An average you are 85% prepared, note down weaker areas. Weakness is not a disease but not identifying it is surely is. 

2: For example, you studied everything in Chemistry but still your concepts are weak in Organic Chemistry. Tell your school teacher, tuition teacher and talk to your parents. Tell them you need help. Do not panic. Sky is not going to come down on exam day. If your parents and teachers cannot help, seek help from someone who is an expert. Preferably take services of a home tutor or look towards online. You can find many video tutorials in different subject areas online.

3. This step is very important. Are you extremely good in some chapters from where less questions are asked or are extremely poor in some sections from where many questions are asked. For example if you are poor in trigonometry, chances are you will perform poorly in trigonometry, differential calculus and integral calculus. You need to take serious help.

5. Games work like chewing gum for brain but chewing two much of it can result in a bad mouth. (No, I am not a medico and do not have anything against chewing gum making companies but chewing it whole day long I find as a bad habit same is true with your gaming habits.) Play an hour a day once you complete the days tasks and revisions for examinations. 

6. Social Media is useful for exams too. You can share note etc and read latest news to stay updated with current affairs etc. But its completely senseless to keep siting over there for the sake of chit chatting. Save your social media energies to prepare for examinations. Do not overdo and if you can't resist the urge, call your ISP and ask them to snap the line.

7. Make a time table for revision and try to stick with it. Revise religiously. In my opinion, if you have studied well throughout the year 3 - 4 hours per day are enough for revision.

8. Take mock tests as many as you can. Solve previous years question papers under examination conditions and evaluate your performance.

9. How did you learnt to walk first? You don't know either I do not. Ask your parents. No subject is as difficult as standing and taking first step at the young age. Tell your teachers, parents and a friend, everyone will come forward for help.

Without revision our brain remember only 3 to 4% of lessons learnt over a year. Revision matters as much as going to school and doing assignments. Revise better to score better in board examinations.

Note: This article is written here out of my own experiences to give a call for revision to students writing board examinations. Sole purpose is, so they do not miss on revision and prepare better and can achieve good grades. 

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Video Tutorials in different subjects are available over Khan Academy and Lynda


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