How To Use Twitter For #JobSearch

Twitter for job search caught my attention every now and then. While working for an Ireland Based Recruiter, I did rounds of many social media and dig deeper to find whether employer use it for hiring and if job seekers can get some benefit out of social media like Twitter.

From my experiences, for sure I can say, Hiring Managers and CEOs turn to twitter looking for potential workforce. Very recently, Elon Musk took it to Twitter while looking for hiring for Tesla Motors! Proof enough, 180 characters are not any less to give a shout out while looking for hiring or get hired.

Twitter for Job Search
Assuming, you are already on Twitter, but novice in using it, I am putting some simple guidelines here about finding a job using twitter.

#1. Make Your Name Your Handle

Twitter user name is called handle, represented as @ Your user name is @user_name

You are on twitter for job search. If you already have created a handle like @someabcd it’s time to rethink and redo. Make your name your Twitter Handle. If your name is already taken by someone, you can make use of numbers or some truly cool words together with your name but keep it short and simple

#2. Your Profile Name

Write in full your first name and last name (surname). Employers want to recognize you as human.

#3. Tell about you in 180 characters

Include, name of highest qualification that you have acquired, name of your college or university and the type of job you are looking for?

For example: @HBS #MBA 2015 graduate looking for #Finance #Job. Hire Me

Check with your college website to know Twitter Handle. Inclusion of it in your description makes lot of sense. You can easily make loads of friends and followers from your college; some may become your referral too.

#4. Put Your Location

Location matters in getting hired. Twitter robot will suggest you many friends from the city you are. Some of those could also be potential employer.

#5. Put Your Website URL

If you have a blog or website or hosted code in some places like GIT Hub, include a link.

#6. Put Your Profile Photo

A passport size photograph make lots of sense. However, you also can put another snapshot in professional looking attire. Employers want to know you before scheduling for Interviews.

#7. Put A Classic Cover Image

Your cover image should depict your professional skills at large. For example some code thing or business or rocketry. Design a cover that go well with your qualification and experience.

#8. Find Friend On Twitter

Go to settings and then navigate to tell your email contacts that you are on twitter and they can join you. You will get many followers.

Number matters when you are on social media, its all about people.

#9. Follow Back Followers

When someone follows you, do not forget to say thanks and give a follow back

#10. How To Know Who Is Hiring

That’s simple. Look for Hashtags / # 

Some powerful Hashtags for recruiting are:

  • #Hiring 
  • #NowHiring
  • #Jobs
  • #JobSearchTips
  • #JobSearch
  • #Careers
  • #CareerCare
  • #TweetMyJobs
  • #JobOpening
  • #JobListing
  • #JobPosting
  • #HR
  • #Graduate Jobs

Also you can search for industry specific hashtags, like;

  • #ITJobs
  • #TechJobs
  • #Marketing
  • #Freelance

Save these hashtags in your favorite. When hiring, CEOs and Recruiters tweets job posts together with hastags and you will know, who is hiring?

Also you can make use of websites like TweetMyJobs.Com

# 10. Be Philanthropic - Get Noticed

Read tweets from recruiters and give Retweets (RTs). This way you will help hiring managers in sending tweets to many more people. In turn some may follow you, can offer a job, or become a referral. Also if you are lucky, a hiring manager may let you know about a job opening if he / she know you or follow you. Also when you see a suitable tweet useful for your friends, do not forget to give them a mention. That’s one good way of filtering jobs and helping each other. In turn you get may mentions, a must for successful job search

What are the benefits of using Twitter for Job Search

Using Twitter for job search has many benefits:

  • You get information about many job posts not advertised in daily print media.
  • You get opportunity to follow industry insiders.
  • You can research about a company and interviewers better.
  • You build your personal brand.
  • Recruiters turn to social media for scanning profiles. A powerful presence on twitter can help you in meeting a potential employer.

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