How To Use Google Plus for Job Search

Social Media is dominating every sphere of life. People love to connect. Mobile devices are getting cheaper day by day. Today, Smartphone is not a thing for wealthy but a necessity for everyone. Android bring a revolution in this. This works for social media successes as opium. By year 2020 social media will reach to remotest of the towns and villages. In fact it’s already started reaching through initiatives like

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Recruitment as an industry is of very size and has significant space in Social Media. Websites like LinkedIn, Muse, BigInterview etc are dedicated for Hiring and Getting Hired. Then there are sites like Monster, Indeed, Naukri and millions more those serves as den for recruiters and candidates.

Today, there is no shortage of manpower in any field. All over world educational institutes produce eligible human resources to work in the industry. Finding a better fit for a vacant position is truly tough job. This is why entrepreneurs like Elon Musk take it to social media when hiring comes into question. I remember an instance when famous technology and social media website Mashable take it to LinkedIn while looking for AE position in Australia. Industry wants cream de la cream. Beautify your social media profile to get noticed if you are looking for job.

Are you using Google Plus to connect to family and friends? That’s cool. Contrary to popular doubts, if Google will stop working on G+, it’s continuously rolling out new utilities and UI designs. Hiring managers can count on Google+ when looking to hire.

Here are ways to use Google Plus Profile for Job Search

Build A Presentable Profile

Your profile will leave the first impression in recruiters’ eye. Make it awesome. Include your Photograph (a professional one) and cover image that says your story. Customize your profile. Being a party animal is cool; you can share it with your friends. Do not allow private moments to let go public.

Connect With Like Minded People

What interests you? Is this data, economy, anatomy or you love to code in Ruby? Google Plus has many communities around varied interests. Join one. Meet people who belong to your sphere. Plus 1 others’ posts; leave positive comments, share interesting stories. Many will take you in their circle.

Interaction is cool way to expand your Google Plus Circle!

Work With Hashtags / #

On social media Hashtags i.e. sign # preceded with a word makes link. When you share your story in Hashtags your Google Plus profile links with that link. People interested in similar hashtags can find you easily. Also, this represents your knowledge of social media.

Initiate Actions

Ask questions. Give answers. Raise a discussion point. Social media is for people. If you won’t speak, you won’t get recognition. Do not speak if you don’t know a thing. But you can ask to your friends and other plussers in open forum / community or group.

Share Trending Stories

Everyday there is something trending over Internet. Curate stories and share on your Google Plus with nice matching hashtags. Topics like politics, fun, phone, food and fiesta easily go viral. You will be known to many in less time.

Follow Google Plus Pages of Companies and Influencers

Companies and Influencers build Google Plus profile for branding. Follow these pages, speak around their stories, give +1 to interesting stories and put positive comments. Also share some on your timeline. People from inside a company will notice your efforts.

Look For Who Is Hiring

Curate Hashtags for Hiring. Some popular hashtags around recruiting are

  • #Hiring 
  • #NowHiring
  • #Jobs
  • #JobSearchTips
  • #JobSearch
  • #Careers
  • #CareerCare
  • #TweetMyJobs
  • #JobOpening
  • #JobListing
  • #JobPosting
  • #HR
  • #Graduate Jobs

Also you can search for industry specific hashtags, like;

  • #ITJobs
  • #TechJobs
  • #Marketing
  • #Freelance

Recruiters put suitable hashtags with jobs posts before giving a shout out.

Also you curate many other hashtags related your industry, geography and interests to speak around.

Share Ideas

Every mind is full of ideas, Share an idea, a beautiful image or your story. Do not forget to mention at the end of the story that you are looking for a job.

Look for Hiring Ventures

Google Plus is full of head hunting companies and hiring gurus. Look for them and take in your circle. When someone give you follow back do not forget to say Thanks.

Join Live Hangouts

Experts conduct hangout session to speak around varied stuff. Find a live hangout and join the crowd. This is one sure shot way to make your presence in the crowd.

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