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6 Websites To Ask Career Questions and Get Answers

Everybody need a counselor at some point of time in life. In fact, irrespective of how influential a person is he / she need counseling at every new step. The requirement of a counselor arises even before a child take birth, parenting counseling, admission counseling, job counseling, financial counseling, business counseling, health counseling, study abroad counseling, retirement counseling, virtually the list is endless.

All humans like you and me need counseling at different stage of education and work in life. Sometime we get advice from friends and family or teachers. But when taking a critical decision we need expert advice, we need to buy time of an expert who can guide in right direction. After all we need success and that success comes for a price.

To help you career seeker in moving to right direction here are Top 6 Websites To Ask Career Questions and Get Answers. The services of all these websites are free. When you ask in these place, both experts and people like you and me put suggestions forward. Following give the list.

1. Yahoo Answers: This is my personal favorite. You can ask question and give answers in following languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese. To ask a question and give answer you will to Sign Up for Yahoo Network.

2. Education Times: During my teen years I was big fan of Education Time Weekly available with Times of India Subscription. And it feels very nice the way they are helping career seekers with the help of Internet now. Ask a question and get expert advice here.

3. Quora: A wonderful place to ask questions and get answers in varied areas of life. Also you can chose to give answers. The questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users.

4. Wiki Answers: Log On to this website and search for question. Perhaps its already answered there. If you cannot the answer to your specific question, then Sign Up and ask the same. A whole range of questions and answers categories are available on this website.

5. Answers.Com: An awesome place to search for questions and answers in diverge areas of like, career and business. Virtually you can and answer anything here. Same like wiki answers, as you land on the home page, the website encourage you to search for the questions and answers and you do not find answer to your specific question, sign up and ask.

6. This Website :CareerCare.Info: The purpose of this website is help you to meet your career goals. On the top of the website there is search bar, see if your question is already answered here. If not you are invited to ask me. Here are many ways to ask a career question and get answer using this website


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