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Grab Internship Opportunity With LinkedIn India

Everyone want to work with a Top Employer. However, few get the privilege to reach inside that one cubical. Definition of top employer could vary, but one thing is common for all, 'Job Satisfaction'. Any company whether its in Forbes' List or not  could make top employer for its workers, given it takes care for the holistic well being of  people who work for the company.
Today's employee do not look for money but growth prospects. One of the very common question asked during a job interview is 'where you find yourself 3/4/5 year down the line from the today'. A winning answer could depend on many situations. Saying; 5 years from now on, I could be next Elon Musk is a dangerous answer for two reasons: 1. Your would be employer is not looking for an individual who is going to start a company soon. 2. Recruiting manager may fear you being over smart.

Coming back to main point: Where you see yourself 3/5 year down the line depends on many factors. One of these is, where you get your Internship training. This is why I try my best to bring best Interning opportunities your way. What could be much better than working with "Employer of Employers" i.e. the LinkedIn.

Are you based in India? Are you someone graduating in science, engineering, business, mathematics or some other subject from an Indian Academic Institution, you are in final year or semester of your coursework and looking for Internship?

LinkedIn India offers Interning opportunities to Indian students in India and that's a great news. Company has Head Office in the National Capital New Delhi and other offices in Gurgaon and Bangalore.

Company advertise for recruitment of interns time to time. Find Open Positions 


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