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Singapore: The Education Paradise In Asia

Are you looking towards Singapore as Study Abroad Destination? Well, perhaps you might be interested in knowing Singapore as a country, visa requirements, courses and colleges etc. Here is brief discussion about Singapore as I know it from different sources like Internet Databases, Books and Periodicals etc to help students looking for admission in Singapore.

Let's Know About Singapore

The Republic of Singapore is the island city-state. It’s the smallest country in south East Asian region. The city is located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. It lies 85 miles north of equator, south of Malaysian state of Johor and north of Indonesian Riau Island.

The name Singapore is originated from Malay words, Singa means Lion and Pura means City.  It is believed that during 14th century the Sumatran prince Sang Nila Utama caught in a thunderstorm and when approached to island spotted an auspicious beast like lion and hence named the place as Lion City.

Singapore was part of Sultanate of Johor between 16th to early 19th centaury. Portuguese set Singapore on fire during Malay – Portugal war in 1613. Dutch ruled the island in 17th century. Thus Singapore has witnessed varied cultures in its long history, though most of the time the island was populated by fishermen and pirates. The main island of Singapore was a fishing village when East India Company colonized it in 1819. Like many other countries Singapore was also under British rule before gaining independence from British in 1965.

Singapore has grown tremendously after independence. The government led island wide industrialization and foreign investment have created a modern economy based on manufacturing and electronics. Once the Island, Singapore is now called Asian Tiger due to intense and open capitalist industrialization. The 63 islands including the main island make Singapore a perfect country.

The government of Singapore has developed new residential colonies after 1960s.  The Urban Redevelopment Authority is agency of the government responsible for Urban Planning. Several islands have expanded and joined together through land reclamation project, and as a result the land area of Singapore has grown to 269.1 sq mi from 224.5 sq mi in 1960s. Forest and Natural reserves covers approximately 23% of total land area.

Singapore is a hot favorite spot among tourist. During the year 2006, approximately 9.7 million tourist visited Singapore. Seeing the potential of tourism industry the government in 2005 has legalized gambling and two Integrated resorts at Marina South and Sentosa.

Cuisine is another attraction of Singapore. The Singapore Food Festival is celebrated in July every year.

The people of all religion lives in Singapore, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim,…,…, all together forms the unity in diversity. Singapore is the country for every one to visit and live. If you are a person who loves traveling, must visit Singapore at least once in your lifetime.  You can reach Singapore Changai Airport from 179 major cities of the world.

Visa Requirements To Study in Singapore

International students accpted to pursue a program in a college, university or institution of Singapore require applying for Student Pass The Immigration Check Point Authority (ICA) Singapore is the competent authority to approve entry of foreigners in Singapore. General Minimum Requirements to apply for Student Pass to Singapore are

  • International student application form
  • Passport
  • One Passport size photo (less than 6 months old)
  • Visa application fee
  • Bank Statements - ORIGINAL for the last 28 days from all sponsors
  • Transcripts (Mark sheets -from 10th class till the last degree obtained)
  • Affidavit of Support to be given by the sponsor on Rs.20 stamp paper (non-judicial) (for Indian students, check specific requiremenst for your country)
  • Work experience certificate
  • Fixed Deposit Receipts (if necessary)
  • Bank loan sanction letter (if necessary)

Students are advised to write Visa application at least 2 months prior from the date of commencement of the course.

The type of Visa you shoud apply for depends on the type of institution you are accepted in to pursue a course. International students can study in following types of institutions in Singapore

  • Approved Private Education Organizations
  • Kindergarten/Childcare Centre registered with MSF
  • Foreign System Schools
  • Institutes of Technical Education
  • Government/Government-Aided/Independent Schools
  • Polytechnics and Universities

For detailed visa requirements and type of institutions you are advised to check latest details with Official Website of Immigration & Checkpoints Authority Singapore Government

Universities in Singapore

Singapore @ a glance

National Anthem – Majulah Singapura

Capital- Singapore City

Largest City – Singapore City

Official Languages- Malay (National), Tamil, Standard Mandarin (Chinese), English

Government – Parliamentary Republic

Area – 704.0 Km2

Population – 4 483 900, according to December 2006 estimates

Currency – Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Time Zone- SST (UTC + 8)

Internet TLD - .sg

Calling Code - +65 


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