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Belarus: A Hot Education Destination For International Students

Are you looking towards Belarus as Study Abroad Destination? Well, perhaps you might be interested in knowing Belarus as a country, visa requirements, courses and colleges etc. Here is brief discussion about Belarus as I know it from different sources like Internet Databases, Books and Periodicals etc to help students looking for admission in Belarus.

About Belarus

The Republic of Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe. Its’ neighbors are Latvia and Lithuania to the north, Poland to the west, Ukraine to the South, and Russia to the east. The major cities in Belarus are Brest, Grodno, Gomel, Minsk, Mogilev and Bitebsk; Minsk is the Capital. Belarus is severely affected from 1986 Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident in neighboring Ukraine. Approximately, one third of the country’s geography is covered with forests.

The Belarusian economy largely depends on manufacturing and agriculture. In the past, many invaders come and ruled here; some of them are Duchy of Polatsk, Grand Dutchy of Lithuania, the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, and the Russian Empire. On July 27, 1990 Belarus has declared its’ sovereignty following the collapse of USSR. Belarus officially recognized an Independent Sovereign state on August 25, 1991.

Belarus is a presidential republic. The president has the supreme power. The government of Belarus is the council of ministers headed by prime minister. The highest judiciary authority is Supreme Court.

Belarus lies in lakes, if you already know about lakes and rivers in Belarus, you would agree. Belarus has 11000 lakes and other wonder is no lake is more than a half square kilometer in area, Amazing, isn’t it??

Three major rivers pass through the country; the names of these rivers are Dnepr, Neman and Pripyat. The highest point in Belarus is Dzyarzhynsk Hill, 1 132 ft high, and the lowest point is on the Neman River, 295 ft high. The winters in Belarus are enough to make your ice, sorry, but true, if you will stay in open. Temperature in winters ranges to –8 to –2 degree Celsius. Summers are cool and moist. Normally, temperature in summers ranges 15 degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius. Belarus receives 15 to 30 centimeter of snowfall. Rainfall is 600 to 700mm. Belarus produces forestry products at very large scale as approximately one-third Belarus land is covered with forests. Other natural resources found in Belarus are- peat deposits, small quantities of oil and natural gas, granite, dolomite (limestone), marl, chalk, sand, gravel, and clay.

The major contributors to Belarus economy are wood processing industries and agriculture. Cattle breeding and growing potatoes are very common. And another amazing fact about Belarus is, the major contributor to economy are girls and females whose strength is more than half of the total work force.

The Belarus economy is state controlled and foreign contributions accounts to only 4%. Textile and machine manufacturing are two most common industries on which Belarus economy depends. In 2001, Belarus was the first CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) country to reach Soviet-era levels of industrial production and agricultural production.

Visa requirements to study in Belarus

International Students require to apply for a Visa to study in Belarus. The common minimum requirements to apply for a Belorussian student visa are:

  • Accepted by a college / university in Belarus to pursue a Full Time Course.
  • Possess required eligibility certificates to take admission in one such.
  • Hold a valid Passport for the intended period of stay.
  • Proof of income or sufficient means to support studies in Belarus
  • Health Certificate issued by a competent hospital from the home country.
  • Candidates holding above documents may apply for Visa with nearest Foreign Mission Office of Belarus in the home country.

Belarus also welcomes candidates for part time studies, log term studies like research programs and training programs etc. For detailed visa requirements for different level of studies you are advised to check with Official Website of Belarus Government

List of Universities in Belarus

Belarus @ A Glance

Official Name: Republic of Belarus

National Anthem: We Belarusian

Capital: Minsk

Largest City: Minsk

Official Language: Belarusian, Russian

Government: Presidential Republic

Independence: December 25, 1991 (From the Soviet Union)

Total Area: 80 155 sq mi

Population: 10 293 011 (According to 2006 estimate)

Currency: Rouble (BYR)

Time Zone: EET (UTC + 2)
Summer DST: EET (UTC + 3)

Internet TLD: .by

Calling Code: +375


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